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Euphoria 2019

First, you should read the 10 principles. When it’s closer to the event, you should also read the Survival Guide. But for now, here are the quick essentials.

In order to fully experience Euphoria, you need to plan to participate.

Euphoria happens on primitive camping land. There are no showers, and no running water!

There is no vending or commerce at the event, so there will be nothing for you to buy.

There will be no trash cans or dumpsters, so bring garbage bags and pack out your trash.

There is no electricity. You can bring a generator and fuel if you need a lot of electricity for your installation or camp. Be aware of the noise a generator will make and how it will affect your neighbors.

You need to be responsible for your own actions as well as anyone under 18 in your charge. 

Radical Resilience.jpg

2019 Theme : Radical Resilience

No matter what life throws at us - as individuals, as burners, and/or as a community - we find ways to pick ourselves up and move forward, striving to not just maintain what we have but to continue to grow and to help make the world a better place. With Euphoria having been cancelled in both 2017 and 2018, the fact that the community is coming together to give this yet another try, to build that magical place we call home, speaks to me of the resilience that we collectively have in the face of not only the specific trials Euphoria and other burns have been dealing with but also in regard to what's happening in this country and the world.

Thank you Mango, Gabi Stewart, and Ben Bjostad for our wonderful theme!

Be on the look out for Art call outs this week!
A big thank you to all who submitted this year, we had so many amazing ones and it was truly hard to decide.


2019 Teams

Event Lead : Heather HBomb

Co Lead: Jamie Ouderkirk


Operations Department

Lead: Brian Marino, Motorcycle Wife

Public Works

Leave No Trace'





Safety Department

Lead: Jennifer Mitchell

Fire Saftey




Tranquility Base


Art Department

Lead: Katie Kat

Art & Art Fundrasier




Information Department

Lead: Olivander Wheeler






Structures Department




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