2019 Euphoria Theme Camps

Presenting the Placement Map!

If you click on the little box in the upper left corner, you can get a menu of camps, art, roads, and infrastructure. Click on the frame in the upper right corner and you’ll go to Google Maps for the full view.

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This is a list of the 38 registered theme camps for Euphoria 2019.

3 Old Men

3 High Street


The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance.

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves.

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it):

  • bless the participant

  • ask to be blessed by the participant

  • offer to struggle with the participant

At the fourth entrance there is no agon, i.e., no blessing and no struggle.

In the center is a temple bell and an altar, upon which Burners may leave or take items that are meaningful to them.

We leave the meaning of this experience open for each participant. We welcome the participation of drummers and other musicians in support of the participants’ journeys. We also provide a space for contemplation and discussion before and after participation.

3rd Aid

16 Stefanie Way

Adults, Wellness/Spiritual, Chill

We run several massage tables for any action hippies in need of repair throughout the event. Please keep in mind that our availability may vary depending on human factors [this shit's hard work and we are all volunteers]. One way or another our tables and oil are open for anyone to use so if you'd like to swing by and hang out or make use of our space feel free. Welcome to Third Aid, un-fuck your burn.

Alchemy Hills (A Gated Community)

15 High Street

Food, Booze, Chill

VIP treatment for the discerning hippie


1 Stefanie Way

Sound/Party, Kids, Adults

Sound Camp, Dance Floor, Flow Space, near the effigy.


5 Access Road

Kids, Nonsense

You have questions, our kid has answers. Good answers, bad answers, funny answers, cringe-worthy answers, nonsensical answers, whimsical answers, logical answers, gross answers, funny answers, bullshit answers, answers to questions you didn't even ask, and everything in between.

Black Lodge, The

3 Stefanie Way


We are gonna have some cool art. Stay tuned.

Blue Lagoon Labs

7 High Street


It's always Tiki Time at Blue Lagoon Labs. Come visit our tropical paradise, let us fill your cup with a quality rum-based beverage, and stumble away happy. We may experience occasional bubble-storms.

Brownie Brothel

2 Downtown Ave

Food, Chill

"Fuck your waistline," call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-)

Bunny Reasons

2 Timmy Lane

Chill, Fuck you, we volunteer.

Why? Bunny Reasons!

Camp BDE

14 Stefanie Way

R-Rated Games for Adults

All about that healthy, low-key love for one’s self. During the day come explore your BDE with a game of strap-on sword fight. At night stop by and check out our LED art.

Camp Gargle

1 Downtown Ave

Adults, Chill

We're a fun yet chill little camp but one thing is for sure, we like to go ham! So you might see us slinging ham sandwiches from time to time. We got our name because we like to gargle. Gargle what do you ask? Anything, milk, juice, slap bag wine, etc. You'll also see us with activities like making candy bracelets. We have lot of love to give so don't be shy and come meet us.

Camp Mad Tea Party

6 Stefanie Way


A whimsical camp with a groovy chill space to rest your weary feet. Come for the tea and cookies, stay for the insanity.

Camp PHC

8 Downtown Ave


Camp PHC originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and The Drunk With Power Hour featuring Fucking Terrible Whiskey™.

Camp Pretty Lights

4 Stefanie Way

Sound/Party, Adults, Chill, Lights/Decor

An interplay of pretty lights to entice the mind and entrance the spirit...

Camp Where the Wild Things Are

5 High Street

Booze, Adults, Chill, Who could even know these things!

We are the wild things of Euphoria!
We have adventures!
We make memories!
We love to rumpus, wildly!
Are you a wild thing?
Come and let us see!

Consent Tent

3 Downtown Ave


Consent Education Camp

Darkest Deep

12 Stefanie Way

Booze, Adults, Chill

The vastness of the world's oceans remain largely uncharted, and this camp honors the mystery and magic hidden in the unlit spaces far below the waves.

Darkest Deep is a nautical/ocean/pirate/mermaid/undersea-themed lounge camp for adults. Join us by the underwater fire and chill out, or just come by to enjoy our aquatic art.

We will have games, such as Davy Jones' cornhole, and other activities, such as fire spinning, throughout the weekend.

Friendly Neighborhood Queers

5 Stefanie Way

Sound/Party, Adults, Chill

A friendly place for everyone!

Gothadelic Cat Butthole

10 Stefanie Way

Adults, Chill

We are the Darkness with Sprinkles and Rainbows


9 Stefanie Way

Adults, Wellness/Spiritual, Chill

Sensual four hand massage


6 Downtown Ave

Food, Booze, Chill

Hypothermia is all about staying cool and being cool. We'll have boozy and regular popsicles all weekend long, and as a relaxing shade lounge. Come by to get out of the sun in during the day, or smoke hookah under chilluminating lights at night.


4 Downtown Ave

Adults, Wellness/Spiritual, Chill

Good Friends...and maybe some ropey stuff...and maybe some viking stuff


15 Stefanie way

Kids, Adults, Chill

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. The book is so good, they made a movie. Then we made a theme camp out of it! The inconceivably good movie will be played on repeat. Experience The Machine - if you dare. Watch out for the Fire Swamp and the ROUS! If you don't know what the heck this is describing, you NEED to come by and get an education! Have fun storming the castle!

Kind and Kinky

7 Stefanie Way


A friendly and welcoming open adult playspace with a variety of activities throughout the burn.

Magic Carpet Camp

7 Downtown Ave


Magic Carpet Camp is a fun and interactive Mutant Vehicle support camp.

Margaritaville: D20

9 High Street

Booze, Adults, Chill

Inebriated Adventuring (Don't Die with the Die)
Amusing Games (And Bad Puns)
Good People (Well... Mostly Not Terrible)
Adequate Alcohol (Fancy or Bucket)
Margaritaville: D20

We are a fun loving bunch of nerds. We will be serving terrible margaritas made from the cheapest of bucket of margarita mix and the saddest of tequilas. We host the pub crawl, and are home to Ye Olde Bar, Stick Stables, and the Hail Satin Doe-Mai. We also go on several adventures lead by Wagon Drunk Christine and her fabulous giant D20.

Note: Camp mates are in no way responsible for, or obligated by, the actions of others... Specifically and including permissions granted by TCO. Which is to say, she has no actual authority. Seriously. Even if... "Drunk Christine Said It Was OK!""

Martian Playground

2 High Street

Adults, Chill

A psychedelic chill lounge with trippy projected visuals, kaleidoscopes, toys, electric tingles, and downtempo world grooves. Self Serve spiced gingery tea served nightly. Euphoria special feature: “Magic Goat Hooves Massage”. Look for the LED flagpole with the alien on top.

Panic Base (or P-Base)

1 Access Road


Feeling a little overwhelmed by the Burn experience? Maybe we can help...


10 High Street


We are pirates. We like pie.

Raised by Rabbits

10 Stefanie Way

Booze, Adults, Chill, Some music but not a true sound camp

A friendly warren native to Transformus. We love hopping on down to Georgia hang with all the local Southern flora and fauna.

Secret Camp

2 Access Road




11 High Street

Food, Sound/Party, Booze, Adults

Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn't much someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment. Shameless is a sex-positive, love-filler theme camp .... plus we drink a LOT!

Singing wheels

13 Stefanie Way

Adults, Chill, Musical art

Chill vibe camp with at fun musical art concept. Car wheels ring like a bell when you strike one. Come play a tune or hang out and let the wheels sing to you. They ring like a tuning fork.


1 High Street

Adults, Chill

Halloween in May

Strange Customs Prevail

8 High Street


Burn day grilled cheese and late night speakeasy. Veteran Carolina Burners who like to cook and talk all night.

Strangelove Initiative, The

13 High Street

Adults, Chill

Fabulous Freaky People For Fun and Shenanigans

Tight Acquaintances, The

4 High Street


We are a space to go on wild adventures! Come play crazy and interactive games at our space. We will have awesome games and fun activities for you play throughout the day and night! Join us for games that everyone can play! We will also be hosting Naked Twister. Come join us!!!!


11 Stefanie Way

Sound/Party, Wellness/Spiritual

Zen Enrichment: We seek to enrich the lives of people interested in improving themselves through teaching and practices which strengthen our mind, body and soul.

Kink and Rope: We seek to entice people who are from the kink and rope culture, who enjoy performing and exploring our wildest sexual natures.

Cuddle Culture: We seek be open to people who love to be intimate and close with each other. Our camp is filled with loving good-hearted people and we enjoy the closeness we share through cuddles.