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Radical self-expression is the name of the game with theme camps!

The simplest definition of a theme camp is two or more people who create an experience to share with the rest of the burn. You could create:

  • a dance club

  • a bar

  • a food camp

  • a classroom

  • a chill space

  • a stage

  • an art installation

  • an interactive experience

  • a game

  • a quiet space

  • or something else

Theme camps are the heart of the burn.  They are autonomous centers within the burn. Each camp provides its own water, power, building equipment, labor, etc. And everything that comes in, goes out, leaving no trace.

Theme camps will often also have their own schedule of events, classes, presentations, etc. A theme camp doesn't have to be big. It could be three friends camped around their art project or the base that launches a mobile theme camp or troops carrying services out into the city.

In order to bring a theme camp, one person will need to be the Theme Camp Organizer (TCO). You'll need your tickets and you'll want to have your camp planned out. Give some thought to the needs of the camp. Will people be passing through 24 hours a day or just for limited events? Is the camp intended for daytime or nighttime activity? Are you planning to burn in your camp? Or burn your camp? Do you prefer or require peaceful surroundings? Is your camp loud? (Sound camps must register for placement.)

You don't have to register your camp to bring it to Euphoria, but it's advisable: registering will get your camp placed so that you can come knowing that you'll have space allocated for you already! You may also request up to five early entry tickets, i.e, five members of your camp can pull in Wednesday, May 1, to begin setting up your camp so it will be ready for the hippies on Thursday.

Who needs to register?

  • Theme camps, with or without art, sound, flame effects, and mutant vehicles. The Theme Camp Organizer [TCO] will register all the bits and pieces.

  • Standalone art, flame effects, or mutant vehicles.

  • RVs not parked with a theme camp.

Any Sound Camp MUST register and be placed.

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