This page includes; Service animals, Pocket guide lead, purchasing, Graphics team, survival guide, & web content

Task Leads

A Task Lead is a volunteer leadership position designated for planning, managing, or performing a specific task. Compared to a Team Lead, a Task Lead's scope of work tends to be smaller and more specific to a single project that doesn't require managing many volunteers.  This is a great opportunity for community members who would like to be involved on a smaller scale. The position may require work only before the event, only during the event, or both.  None of these have to be a single person.

Pocket Guide

Task lead: Matt thomson

Responsible for creating the schedule of on-site events known as the Pocket guide. This guide is used by participants to promote their events and for others to know where to find activities they want to participate in. The Task Lead must be efficient and prompt with online communication and basic planning tools. Great for folks who don't like a lot of responsibility during the burn ;)

Other responsibilities include:

  • Collect events announcements from Theme Camps, artists, Event Teams, and any participant interested in broadcasting their event 

  • Create the schedule of events and publish it prior to the event

  • Provide printed schedules at specific locations during the event


Task lead: French Chris

The Event Teams have a lot of stuff to buy in preparation for the burn! Placing online orders, tracking them, and sorting them becomes a task that requires focus and attention to detail. Once on site for build weekend, the Purchasing Lead would work with APW to disperse the items and hand off the inventory crew.  A very powerful place to be, but it's a big responsibility. Bribes are to be expected but avoided, depending on how nice the bribe is.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Review the approved order requests from the teams and proof them for duplicates.

  • Place the online orders with the Department Lead's support

  • Handle tracking and communication with team about progress and possible issues

  • Collect, sort, and label packages before the event. Distribute some items to Team Leads before the event

  • Requires trips to the mailing facility (Usually a UPS location)

  • Handle distribution of items and hand off to inventory once we arrive on-site. "Santa" might become your new burner name

  • May require attendance for build weekend

Communicating Graphically (Printing & Signage)

Task lead : art team (katie kat)

Teams with print needs come here first for pricing and general knowledge regarding the print and sign industries. Through signs, banners, and miscellaneous print goods we are here to be a resource. Design, coordination, distribution and installation are our tasks. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for print media.

So far we've helped with: Banners, logo design & conversion, labels/stickers, handbooks, maps, laminated signage (large and small), notepads, etc.

Survival Guide

Task lead:  matt thomson

Pretty straight forward, but very crucial role. You are responsible for creating the Survival Guide, which is the document that all participants will be referencing in preparation for the burn. Especially the first-timers. Good writing and collaboration skills will be very handy for this one. Recruiting guest writers and visual artists is allowed and encouraged.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing older versions of the Survival Guide and identifying any required edits or additions

  • Gather submissions and content from the Leads and incorporating them in the guide.

  • That includes the placement map, training schedules, and any other important guidance and procedures

  • Review and edit the Survival Guide

Web Content

Task lead: Old Man Dale

The web content team is here to help make sure that the event information on the website is correct. They, along with the Tech committee, assist other teams in getting their information out in a timely fashion. We have a lot of data that needs to be passed on to participants and the website is our #1 resource for doing that.

  • Verify information on the website is correct for teams.

  • Assist with creating forms for teams.

  • Assist with posting content for teams.

  • Graphic design experience preferred for the editing and composition of images.

Service Animals

 Task Lead -

Only working service animals are allowed at Alchemy.  No other animals may be brought or kept on the event premises. Therapy animals, emotional support animals, and personal pets which are not service animals are not permitted. Service animals are defined as dogs (or certain miniature horses) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.  Service animals must remain under control, and may be asked to leave if the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it.  If you require additional support/information to fully access the event and would like to provide emergency contact information for your service dog, or have any other concerns the Service Animal Task Lead will be available before and during the event.

Please direct all questions about service animals to If at any time, the Service Animal Task Lead position is vacant or non-responsive, members of the Event Committee will respond and offer aid in their place.

This policy is subject to further and ongoing revision prior to the beginning of the event.

Service Animal Task Lead duties:

  • Manage pre-event policies and procedures for service animals.

  • Maintain pre-event communication with people who have questions about bringing a service animal.

  • Check in with service animals and their owners at the event as needed.

Want To Be A Task Lead For A Future Burn?

Do not be scared if you have never lead a team or task before! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team or task. We will have a form you can fill out when team and task lead callouts open up. Stay tuned!