Lead - Victoria Mitchell
Co-Lead -


Contact us if you’d like to volunteer to be the Sound Team Lead

Sound plays a very important role in assuring our burn is not shut down from sound complaints, by pre-burn work, as well as onsite response teams.

Before the event, the team lead assists with the placement of sound camps in areas of the event where the volume levels are appropriate. This prevents issues with neighboring camps or people living near the event. Sound camps must pre-register with specifics regarding levels, to assist in meeting these goals.

During the event, the sound team monitors levels and/or responds to calls from EC or Safety Lead to determine if a camp may have exceeded volume levels and works with the camp TCO to ameliorate the issue.

Sound team is a night team (mostly) - once placement and onsite sound checks are complete.

The sound team has two goals:

  1. Assist sound camps in regulating their levels to prevent violating local sound ordinances, and

  2. Assist camps in moderating sound between one another through placement, system orientation, pre-set sound level limits and bacon! 

Want To Lead Sound Team At A Future Burn?

Below are some expectations and requirements of team leads. Do not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team. 

Sound Team Lead Expectations:

  • Develop a plan to address coverage for the entire event, including volunteer levels needed.

  • A co lead may be required for this team to ensure comfortable 24/7 coverage

  • Work under the Safety lead and assist where needed

  • Attend pre-event workshop for Safety SOPs and aid in post burn SOP changes.

  • Conduct on-site and off-site training sessions

  • Work with placement, center camp, effigy sound, sound camps and more to make sure we stay within a sound limit that does not upset the neighbors

  • Identify infrastructure needs

  • Set the Sound team up with something to wear that will help them be identified while on duty

  • Develop an identity for the sound team, and creating a team culture that has been missing

General Team Lead Expectations:

  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. If you do not live close enough to Atlanta, we require that you have a Co-Lead who can attend. 

  • Submit a budget for the team.

  • Attend build weekend/week if required for your team.

  • Set up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the volunteer coordinator.

  • Attend the daily Team Lead meetings during the event.

  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or an experienced volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure. This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works.

  • Complete post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event.

  • Attend Radio training