Placement Team

Lead - Old Man Dale

There’s no question everyone and every camp wants their favorite spot.  We do our best to make that happen for as many as possible, while also striving to plan a balanced city that not only works, but enables you to make the most of your participation!

Currently, placement team is working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that our systems are in place and ready to go for your placement registration needs and questions. We place theme camps on a map after the registration deadline, which helps get us ready for the burn. In other words, all camps who register on time will be given equal consideration for placement. 


Want To Lead Placement At A Future Burn?

Below are some expectations and requirements of team leads. Do not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team.

 Specific Placement Lead Expectations:

  • establish a close knowledge of the burn site by walking the property multiple times

  • know how/learn to operate a handheld GPS device

  • develop a coherent philosophy of burn design & placement (It’s not just Tetris, guys!)

  • update the Placement Registration form

  • open and close the Placement Registration form in a timely manner

  • be the public face of Placement on Facebook, reminding hippies of the deadlines and answering questions

  • answer emailed questions from Theme Camp Organizers (TCOs) in a timely manner

  • monitor placement registrations for problematic registrations; communicate with TCOs to fix any issues

  • communicate with Fire Safety, Sound, Art, and Conclave leads about camps with elements pertinent to their supervision

  • consult with Fire Safety about the placement of Effigy, Temple, and any burn plazas needed

  • place the roads, camps, infrastructure, art, burn items

  • draw and annotate the burn map in Google Maps; release the map no less than two weeks before build weekend

  • recruit volunteers for build weekend

  • supervise the layout of the burn on build weekend

  • be present for early entry (Wed) to help resolve any issues with camps, etc.

General Team Lead Expectations:

  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. If you do not live close enough to Atlanta, we require that you have a Co-Lead who can attend. 

  • Submit a budget for the team.

  • Attend build weekend/week if required for your team.

  • Set up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the volunteer coordinator.

  • Attend the daily Team Lead meetings during the event.

  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or an experienced volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure. This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works.

  • Complete post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event.

  • Attend Radio training