Do I really need to bring a paper ticket?

Yes you do.

All of our explanations come around to one major reason: The gate cannot get backed up. If too may people are in line, the rows of cars could back up to the main road, or the entry road, and then it’s an issue. We need to keep cars off the main road at all times, so that it is not a traffic issue for the public. We need to keep cars from backing up on to entry road because it could block entry for an emergency vehicle. We never want that to happen, so we keep the gate moving as fast as we can.

Sometimes our scanning system is down. The generator may run out of gas. The wifi may go down. The laptops may crash. If any of these things happen, we have a printed paper copy of all the ticket codes that we can check your ticket against. Then we keep your paper ticket, and when the system comes back up we can scan it in.

Scanning or reading codes on a phone is slow. Sometimes it takes way more time than scanning a paper ticket. Sometimes people forget to download it to their phone, and have no signal at gate, and they can’t pull it up.

We know it creates waste. When we are running the event, keeping the roads clear is a more important for us.