Scholarship Tickets

20 Tickets available, Opens March 1st.

Postmarked by March 14th

Rejoice! Euphoria will carry on the tradition of awarding scholarship tickets to community members who demonstrate a need for financial assistance in regards to acquiring a ticket. The 2019 Flashpoint Artists Initiative Events Committee has set aside *up to* 20 ticket for this event. Over the years, we’ve experimented with how we gave away scholarship tickets. We recently sat down and developed these guidelines to outline exactly what we’re looking for in an application so applicants can have a better idea of what it takes to secure one of these bad boys.

The primary goal of this program is to support some community members during difficult times and help them join us at the Burn. A secondary goal is to foster artistic expression through the submissions our people will make.

We trust that you will be thoughtful about the goals of this program. We ask that you only apply if you *truly* are in need of support for that push to make it to the Burn. After all, this is a gift from all of us as a community to help each other out, not a free handout to be capitalized on.

Read all the instructions below and follow them carefully. We will reject any  submissions that don’t comply!

How Can I Apply For A Scholarship Ticket?

Write a letter that explains why you would like to be awarded a scholarship ticket. Stuff that sucker in an envelope and send it to us via snail-mail (address at the bottom). It’s that simple. Here are some important things to follow:

  • Your main letter needs to be no longer than one page  of 8.5 by 11 paper. (front and back)

  • You need to include a second page or note that lists your legal name, preferred name (we publish a list of recipients), email, address, and phone number. Keep your name off the main letter!

  • Ticket Application will be open March 1st - 14th

Why Keep My Name Off The Main Letter?

Two Reasons:

  1. We end up with lots of gorgeous, moving submissions. We want to display this art at the Burn to be experienced by more than just the selecting group. No name = protecting the privacy of your story.  If you don’t want us to put your submission on display, please indicate that in your letter.

  2. We want to be objective and fair during selection. Having no name on the letter helps with that.

What Can I Do To Improve My Odds?

  1. You are encouraged, but not required, to describe your financial hardship. No need to include any specifics such as a paystub or annual income. We’re not the IRS.

  2. You are HIGHLY encouraged to make your submissions as creative and artistic as possible.

  3. You are encouraged to, but not required, to describe any other life hardship.

  4. You are encouraged to describe how you participate as a community member at the Burn or year-round. Team volunteering, Theme Camps, Art Projects, etc.

  5. Let us know if you this is your first burn or your first Euphoria!

Every submission will be scored based on the criteria above

Anything Else I Should Know?

  • Submissions will be weighted in favor of applicants that have NOT been awarded a Flashpoint Artist Initiative event ticket in the past two years.

  • Don’t send anything that you consider a gift to the selection committee or anyone else in leadership. All of these items will be either displayed as art at the Burn or auctioned off at the next art fundraiser (unless you ask us not to do so).

  • You cannot submit an application for someone else.  You are free to assist someone in preparing their application, but you can't submit an app without their knowledge.  A parent or guardian can submit an application for themself and their children.

Now that you have soaked up all this information, please feel free to email for any questions.

Send your submissions to:

Flashpoint Artists Initiative
821 Twin Oaks Dr #2
Decatur, GA 30030


Good luck!