Euphoria Burn

Welcome Home!

Euphoria is the younger sibling burn in the Alchemy family.

2011 was Euphoria's first year of existence, and was a fantastic event. 

Euphoria is a place where artists and creative people of all types can come together and experience art and music, and get to know each other through participation in a temporary autonomous community that is free from the things that define ordinary society, such as the constructs of consumerism and the expectations of ‘societal norms.’ It is a burn event, focused on art, expression, and inclusion. The environment created is centered on the expression of the participants in whatever manner they see fit, as long as they abide local, state, and federal laws.

Euphoria is not an official Burning Man Regional Event  but The 10 Principles are still our guide.

You may contact the event leads at

Flashpoint Artisits initiative is the nonprofit organization under which Euphoria, along with Alchemy and the Art Fundraisers, is produced.