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Euphoria Burn

A note from the Flashpoint Board of Directors:

Euphoria will no longer be an every-year event, and 2020 will not be one of those years. Our all-volunteer leadership has been working amazingly hard the last few years through some incredibly difficult transitions, and we can’t/won’t/wouldn’t ask them to pull double duty year in and year out.

Holding a successful Euphoria after two different cancellations was a cause near and dear to all of our hearts, but now we have to look at our people and resources and step back so our veterans can rest and new people can be trained and developed. The more that you, the Community, gets engaged, steps up, and works to grow the events, the sooner and more often we can bring Euphoria back better than ever! In the meanwhile, a year of focusing on a single Burn will allow our volunteers to get some much needed rest between events and also allow us, the Board, to work on some organizational activities that have been put on the back burner (pun intended) the last couple years while we worked on immediate priority items.

If our Volunteer Leadership list grows large enough and the demand is there then we will resume in 2021. If not, then we will continue to focus on our larger event, Alchemy, and work on making it the best in the Southeast.

Flashpoint Artists Initiative

Flashpoint Artists Initiative is a community run non-profit that runs the events Alchemy and Euphoria and supports the arts in the Southeast.

Our mission to create spaces for the expression of art - be it through developing classes for novices, putting on events to showcase the work of experienced artisans, or financially supporting arts in the local communities where we participate.

We coordinate closely with our communities and seek to be a positive influence that cultivates and promotes artistic expression.

FAI is run by a community-elected Board of Directors serving two-year terms each. They can be contacted at with any questions or feedback.

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Do you have questions, ideas, or concerns about Euphoria? Or do you just need to get in touch with us for some reason or another? Please direct your emails to the appropriate address.

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Art Fundraiser

Art fundraiser submissions are now open! These will remain open until March 2nd at 11:59 PM. Voting will begin shortly after and will be open until March 16th at 11:59 PM. Happy arting!