Euphoria 2015 Lost & Found

Did you lose something at Euphoria?  Take a look at the list of found items turned in to Connexus.  Contact with questions or to claim an item.

Want to connect with other burners you met at the event?  Try the Euphoria facebook group.

Have other feedback about the burn for the Events Leads or the Board of Directors?  Contact and respectively.

2015 Photo Collection

This is where we will collect all the photo galleries and video of Euphoria 2015. Need a place to post photos that isn't Facebook?  Try and Both give you a lot of space, are free, and allow you to post certain things you can't post on Facebook.  




If your photos are on Facebook, you need to create a special link so that people who are not on Facebook can see it.  Go to your album page, and on the right side, look for an icon of a gear.  Click it and there is a "Get Link" option.  Send that link to  Thanks!

Euphoria 2015 Pocket Guide

Here is the 2015 Pocket Guide! 

Come explore all the wonderful things to do at Euphoria this year! 


Euphoria 2015 Placement Map

The Euphoria 2015 Placement Parliament is pleased to announce the Placement Map!


The map is fully interactive. This means that you can explore the city before you even get to Euphoria!

Here is a key to the map.

Black = No Sound or Fire

Red = Fire

Blue = Sound

Purple = Fire & Sound 


Click here to open the map in a new window

You can also download the Maps Engine app for your smart phone. On the Android app you can even GPS yourself to the a theme camp!


Many thanks go out to all of you wonderful participants who gave us the details we needed to see this come to life! We really look forward to all the wonderful experiences you are offering.

We cannot wait to see you all in our city!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at

Your Euphoria 2015 Placement Parliament 

Rhiannon & Brian

Congratulations, Artists!

Who's getting excited about ART at EUPHORIA?!  Your Art Team certainly is!  We're proud to announce that a total of 16 projects were funded, by 12 different artists.  

Possibly even more exciting:  131 Euphorians voted!  We all appreciate your participation.  

To our artists:  You all have our deepest appreciation and gratitude.  We cannot wait to see, play, and interact with your art.  

58 days until Euphoria!  Now, check out the funding report.                      



Euphoria 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Oh Frabjous Day! Cahlooh! Callay!

The 2015 Event Committee is pleased to announce the following people as recipients of a Scholarship Ticket to Euphoria 2015!  We hope that these lucky people are able to find all the elation, happiness, joy, delight, glee, excitement, exhilaration, jubilation, exultation, ecstasy, bliss, and  rapture that their hearts do desire at this event! May this be the beginning of their merry adventure! We are sure many tales will be told of their times at the event!

The Recipients:

  • ​​Whitney Hamilton
  • Niki Austin
  • Kirsten Milliken
  • Jen Mitchelll
  • Amy Ferrell
  • doomin gloom
  • Kate Hahn
  • Jordan Rachel
  • Ashta Monogue
  • Meganity Sliver
  • Isabelle Woodhouse
  • Sofia Ivanova
  • Kyle Mulkey
  • Evans Manrique
  • Kathryn Lee
  • Benji McKee
  • Lindsey Burke
  • Heather Hausenfleck-Middleton
  • Samantha Gabai
  • Kenneth Middleton 


The Euphoria 2015 Art Fundraiser is LIVE!

It’s here!  The moment we’ve all been waiting for.  This year, $5,000 has been set aside to fund community art projects at Euphoria!  Who decides how to spend that money? You do! Everyone with an active username gets TEN VOTES! You can also donate money on top fo those votes, if you choose. BUT! You only have through Sunday, March 1st to decide.  So let's go check out some Art!




Event Registration

The Euphoria Placement Parliament is pleased to announce that the Event Registration form is now open!

This form will allow you to register the following:

  • Art Project Placement
  • Flame Effect
  • DMV
  • Sound
  • Theme Camp (Hamlet, or Village)

This year we are requesting that everyone register their everything!  You must register if you are bringing any fire, sound, mutant vehicle, or theme camp.  Art is optional, but we encourage you to register so that we can place your art on our map!  The Placement Parliament Committee will use the Event Registration form to ensure that your vision is truly brought to life!

Theme Camp and Sound Registration closes April 2nd, 2015 is now closed.
DMV Registration closes Saturday, April 11th.
Flame Effect and Art Project Registration will close April 17th, 2015.

Ranger Training

Calling all Rangers and soon-to-be Rangers! Newbies and grizzled veterans! Humans and Demi-beings alike!


First off, we’ve put out a survey. If you’ve been through Ranger training with us before, please take a moment to fill it out. It’s super short!


The old ways of training Rangers for Euphoria and Alchemy are going the way of the dodo. We are turning everything upside down, downside up, side-to-side, shaken AND stirred, and everything in between. “But I’ve heard this before!” Yes, you have, and this time it’s completely different!


What you won’t be doing:

  • Sitting and passively listening to people talk.

  • Reading through the manual with the instructors.

  • Trying to find the most comfortable position to sit in for hours.


What you will be doing:

  • Group debate and discussions on Ranger philosophies.

  • One-on-one/small group role play.

  • Large group interactive demonstrations of Ranger interactions.

    • Think a “choose your own adventure” book. But with Rangers!

    • You and your group decide what the Rangers should do next.

    • See what happens!


There will be 3 off-site trainings in the Atlanta/Metro area and 1-2 trainings at Euphoria on Cherokee Farms. Below are the dates for the off-site trainings.


1604 Brawley Circle

Atlanta, GA 30319

Pre-training social - Noon to 1 PM

Training - 1 PM  to 4 PM

Post-training cookout/potluck/Nom nom noms - 4pm to 9pm

  • Saturday, March 28th (time/location to be announced later) - Facebook event

Sunday,  April 12th (time/location to be announced later) - Facebook event