2016 Tickets

Euphoria 2016 will have 999 tickets for sale.  The price will be $69.96.  

Ticket sales will occur on the following dates:

Both rounds of ticket sales will be through Thundertix, who we have used in the past.  We have changed our credit card processor, so hopefully the site will be more stable.  Our new payment processor may not have American Express payments set up by the time of the sale. Visa, MasterCard and Discover should work fine. We should have Amex working by round two.

The ticket sales page is at https://flashpoint.thundertix.com/

We are also giving away up to 20 scholarship tickets.  Applications must be sent via real postal mail, postmarked no later than January 25th.  Full details here.

Scholarship tickets awarded

The Flashpoint Artists Initiative 2016 Event Committee is happy to announce the following recipients received Scholarship tickets to Euphoria 2016. It was a simple selection process this time around, as every applicant that applied for a Euphoria scholarship ticket was both qualified and awarded a ticket. There were 20 tickets approved by the BOD to be distributed under the Euphoria scholarship program and 13 community members applied.  We hope this means that only 13 members of our community are facing financial hardship this year.  The Event Committee plans to award scholarship tickets to Alchemy this fall as well, and will post details for applying this summer. 

  • Serenity River
  • Loki Peace
  • Shane Rice
  • Nadia Murad
  • Matt Maddox
  • SamZilla Gabai
  • Kat Lee
  • Addison Hosley
  • Gina Juhan
  • David Stabler
  • K.C. Jones
  • Leilani Taylor
  • David Stewart


Art Fundraiser

What is it?

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is a online, community-driven art funding program for any and all groups or individuals that want to bring art to Euphoria. Have an idea that’s been sitting in the back of your head for a while?  Or maybe some fresh inspiration hit you recently and you’d like to make art, but it’s not necessarily doable with your current resources.  The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is for you!  This year, the Events Committee has allocated $5,000 to help artists make cool things!  

  • Final date to submit applications: February 10th
  • Online Fundraiser: February 15th until February 28th
  • Fund distribution: On or around March 7th

How it works:  Using your Euphoriaburn.com account, each Euphoria attendee will be allocated 10 ballots that you can cast for your preferred projects.  At the end of the fundraiser, money will be disbursed proportionally based on the total percentage of ballots that project received.  Additionally, individuals will also be able to donate to projects out of their own pocket, and these funds will supplement org funding.  While projects funded by the ballot process will be capped at a maximum award of $650 (in order to allow the maximum number of art projects to be funded), individual donations are not limited in any way.

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is about more than simply providing money to artists for projects. One purpose of the event is to place the privilege and responsibility of allocating community funds in the hands of the community. Funding is not decided by a committee of select individuals. Instead, any Participant can help decide which project every dollar they spend is allocated to.

Another purpose of the event is to empower YOU to achieve your artistic vision through logistical support and, of course, funding. The Euphoria Art Fundraiser Team and the Euphoria Art Team work with you on tasks like making budgets and promoting yourself and your vision. We are here to help you with many of the logistical and administrative skills necessary to undertake an art project of any scale, should you need it!

We especially encourage art that’s theme-specific.  Euphoria 2016’s theme is Topsy Turvy Laboratory. Go here to read more about it!  More details on exactly how the event and funding works can be found on the Euphoria Art Fundraiser FAQ.

What kind of projects are eligible?

Almost anything you can think of:

  • Paintings

  • Performance art

  • Art cars

  • Sculptures made of any material, including burnable ones*

  • Fire art *

  • Propane for already existing fire art*

  • Playful, interactive art

  • Culinary art

  • Art incorporating the creative use of lights and/or sound

  • Whatever crazy idea that you’re thinking of right now!

*Any fire art MUST be approved through Fire Safety.  Reach out to firesafety@euphoriaburn.com to discuss your plans!

Here is a short list of things that will not be funded through this process:

  • Ticket to the event.

  • Alcohol.

  • Projects in which little to no creation is involved.

  • Projects without a significant outward-facing component or projects that only allow a small portion of the community to experience them.

  • Anything that violates local, state, or federal law.

  • Anything deemed by the Euphoria Art Fundraiser Team to be unreasonably dangerous or reckless.

If you’re not sure whether or not something can be funded, then just ask us! We want to say “YES!” to as much as we can, and we’ll work with you the best we can to make your vision a reality.


Who should apply?

Anyone with a vision and the drive to achieve it! But please keep this in mind...

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is specifically targeted for groups and individuals that have a vision, but lack the funding and support necessary to achieve it. The Euphoria Art Fundraiser exists to relieve the financial burden that would prevent you from making your art. If there are not serious financial barriers between you and the creation of your project, we request that you consider not participating in this process.

This also applies particularly to established theme camps, especially those that don’t collect any dues from their members or utilize other avenues for fundraising.  For example, consider a camp of 35 members. This camp has 35 different paychecks to pool money from. If each member contributed $30, then that’s a total of $1,050 for the camp to work with. Now consider a single person or a small group of 4 people trying to come up with $1,050. Those are very different scenarios!

We won’t attempt to judge anyone’s financial need. Instead, we are choosing to trust the community to self-select. We simply ask that you be mindful of what your needs and resources are and make that judgement yourself. Consider that if you could have funded your project another way, then you’ve taken money from another artist that may not have had other options.

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser team has lots of experience in funding projects through other means. If you decide not to get funding through the Art Fundraiser, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about securing funding through other ways, let us know! We’ll do whatever we can to help you out!

Ok, I’m in! What’s next?


Fill out the application.  Let us know if you need any help! Please send all questions, comments, and concerns to artfundraiser@euphoriaburn.com.



User purge coming

The Euphoria website has over 17000 accounts on it, and over 5000 of those are unverified.  An unverified account is one where nobody clicked the link in the email we sent to prove they really exist.  A lot of those are bots and hackers trying to get into our system.  A few are actually burners who’s spam filter ate it.  On January 24th we will be deleting all the unverified accounts from the Euphoria website.

If you are reading this on the Euphoria website, you can log in on the left.

If you see your username and "My account" you are logged in.

If you see something under the search box that says "Non-authenticated" then you are not, and there will be directions on how to fix it.

Euphoria 2016 Sneak Preview

The Event Committee had their first meeting this weekend since announcing the new location for the 2016 burns.  One of the longest discussions we had was about tickets:  the cap, prices and sales dates.  Our goal is always to keep prices as low as possible.  We want the burns to be as affordable as we can make them for you.  We want to keep it affordable for us too.  Every member of the Board and the Event Committee pays for a full price ticket just like everyone else.

Having said that, we are looking at having to increase the ticket price a bit this year.  There are four main areas where this is coming from:

  1. Moving expenses.  We have a lot of stuff at Cherokee Farms that needs to be moved to the new location. It is about 175 miles between the two, and we have several tons of gear that needs to get from point A to point B.

  2. Land improvements.  Cherokee Farms had some very well worn roads.  Lavender farms has almost no roads.  We will need to make some improvements to the existing roads, and probably create a few new ones so they can handle hundreds of cars.

  3. Safety costs.  Lavender Farms is further away from a major hospital.  Because of this, we are planning to have more medics on site.  Medics are not cheap, but if you have ever seen our medics in action, you know that they are amazing, and worth every penny.

  4. The Great Unknown.  This is our first burn on the new property, and we are doing everything we can to prepare for new challenges.  Still, something always happens that we didn’t plan for.  We always keep a chunk of our budget in reserve for unexpected expenses.  Since this is new land with new challenges, we are adding a bit extra to that emergency fund.

We are aiming to keep the ticket cap the same as last year at 999 people.  We might get crazy and go for 1000.  Our goal is a ticket price of $75 or less.  We are planning two rounds of ticket sales, likely in early February and early March.  All of this is tentative, based on a lot of estimates, rough quotes from vendors, and costs from past years.

The Board and the Event Committee are winding down our 2015 business, and getting ready to hit the ground running in 2016.  We should have the official announcements on the ticket cap, prices and sales dates in early January.  Happy holidays to you all.


Our New Home

Written by Ben Bjostad (Cheesepants)

We have a new home, y’all! Starting with Euphoria 2016, we’ll be moving to Ooh La La Lavender Farm, a few miles northeast of Eatonton, GA .
Located about an hour and a half east of Atlanta, our new home is an operating farm, in gently rolling hills with a mix of open pastures and fields, old-growth hardwood forest, and replanted pine forest. Situated on several hundred acres, it is surrounded by other farms and open land, with fewer neighbors than we’ve been used to. It is a bit larger than Cherokee Farms overall; although different parts of the land will be closed off or inaccessible for each event based on the needs of the farm and the condition of the land, we will have at least as much usable space as we did at our former home, and probably a good deal more.

The open fields are flatter than at Cherokee Farms, which should be conducive both to campsites and to more bicycles and art cars. The older forested areas are more open; lots of older trees and open space at the bottom, providing potential space for theme camps or art projects under their canopies. The pine forest is perfect for hammock camping, and the trails provide room for people to wander and explore.

It’s beautiful, y’all. Imagine towering oak and pine over creeks and clearings, open fields that are just waiting for the arrival of lights and sound and art and the energy and creativeness of our community. It’s a blank slate. It’s an opportunity to, in Alchemy’s tenth year, build something new while retaining what has made Alchemy so amazing for so long.

There will be challenges to overcome. It is a more spread-out property. It is more rustic than Cherokee Farms; there are less structures, and no showers. We will improve the land, build new roads, establish more infrastructure, but this will take time, and it won’t all happen before Euphoria, or even Alchemy. It’s expensive to move and no one wants to see ticket prices go up more than they have to.  It will be important to read the survival guide this year; we’re so used to Cherokee Farms that it’s easy to forget that a new home comes with new challenges for campers as well as the burn as a whole.

We’re going to need the whole community to pitch in to make this a success. The Public Works Committee will have to work hard to improve the roads and establish how to best manage the logistics of holding a burn on a property without the infrastructure we’re used to. Fire Safety and Rangers will have to learn the land and identify how to help keep the burn safe. Lamplighters will have to determine new routes, Placement will have to discover how to best accommodate our city in our new home’s terrain. Each team will have new challenges, but just as our community stepped up to volunteer in the face of adversity at Alchemy 2015, we will step up to provide the extra volunteers needed as we determine how to build our burn at the Lavender Farm.
There’s so many of us that volunteered for the first time at Alchemy 2015. It was awesome, the way our community stepped up in adversity and made that burn happen in very difficult conditions. For those of us who stepped up to volunteer at Mudburn and discovered how satisfying it can be, we’re going to need extra help in making this burn happen. Euphoria Leadership Call Outs are live; please consider how you might wish to contribute your time and energy to building Euphoria!
Burns are a place where we celebrate the transience in life. We build amazing art, towering monuments to our ingenuity, and then fire consumes it in celebration. Through burns, we learn that every blank slate is a new opportunity, every evolution another chance to shine. For nine years, we’ve made the trek to Cherokee Farms for Alchemy, and almost as long for Euphoria. We’ve built a magical city on a hill each time, a monument to the communal effort and creativity of our fellow burners. It is difficult to say goodbye to a place that has been home for so long, but this is an opportunity to create new traditions even as we retain and honor our past, to found and name new neighborhoods and paths, to work through the challenges and growing pains as a community. It’s a chance for the temporary, transient society we build each burn to evolve.

Euphoria gates open in 130 days. We can’t wait to build a new city, in a new place…together.

Our Future

As you may remember, just prior to Alchemy 2015, the Flashpoint Artists Initiative Board of Director made an announcement regarding the future of our events at Cherokee Farms. We were warned about a potential new ordinance that could have severe impacts on our ability create and sustain the events we all know and love. While the ordinance has not passed yet - there is every indication that it is only a matter of time. Depending on the timing of when the ordinance is adopted, it could shut down our events, potentially bankrupt the organization, and end our ability to have the burns. Rather than continue to have our events at Cherokee Farms with this hanging over us, the heart wrenching decision was made to find another venue.
We all feel a little sad moving away from Cherokee Farms, as it was the first place many of us called our burn home. Many of us met our best friends, partners, spouses and chosen families there. Some of us were married there; others conceived children there. But most of all, we made many amazing memories there. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
It is time to begin a new chapter.
Without further ado, FAI is proud to announce that Euphoria and Alchemy will be held at our new home, Oh La La Lavender Farm, on the following dates:

  • Euphoria 2016 (year 6!): April 28th to May 2nd
  • Alchemy 2016 (year 10!): September 29th to October 3rd.

Keep an eye out in upcoming Alchemists announcing Event Cap, Ticket Price, Scholarship Tickets, and more news about the events, as well as many updates about the new land. This year we are going to face many new challenges in moving to the new site and getting it setup and ready for the Events. This may mean that we will need to increase ticket prices this year. The 2016 Event Committee is going to do our best to ensure that if ticket prices do go up this year, it will be as little as we can possibly make it. The most important thing is to start saving up now for tickets just in case. We can't wait to start this new chapter with you!

Euphoria 2016 Leadership Callouts

We are looking for hardworking, dedicated, and passionate Leads for the following teams.  If you’re interested in serving in a leadership role, please review the general guidelines below, and the team-specific guidelines on each team’s page.


Don’t worry! As a member of Leadership you will get a chance to visit the new property to make any assessments you need to make preparations for your team this year.

CENTER CAMP: There will be no Center Camp team for Euphoria 2016.  This was decided by the Event Committee due to complications of moving the infrastructure to the new property. We look forward to seeing many theme camps have the opportunity to shine and provide community space in Center Camp's absence.


You must read all the information on team page. The application process has changed and it includes a second form in addition to this one.  Follow these links for all the details, and both forms.




All Team Leads are expected to:


  • Attend the first team lead meeting on Sunday, January 24th, 2016.  

  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. If you do not live close enough to Atlanta, we require that you have a Co-Lead who can attend.

  • Submit a budget for the team.

  • Attend build weekend/week if required for your team.

  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to set up a volunteer schedule.

  • Attend the daily Team Lead meetings during the event.

  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or an experienced volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure.  This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works.

  • Complete post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event.

  • Attend Radio training.

  • Not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team.




Euphoria 2015 Lost & Found

Did you lose something at Euphoria?  Take a look at the list of found items turned in to Connexus.  Contact connexus@euphoriaburn.com with questions or to claim an item.

Want to connect with other burners you met at the event?  Try the Euphoria facebook group.

Have other feedback about the burn for the Events Leads or the Board of Directors?  Contact eventleads@euphoriaburn.com and board@alchemyburn.com respectively.

2015 Photo Collection

This is where we will collect all the photo galleries and video of Euphoria 2015. Need a place to post photos that isn't Facebook?  Try imgur.com and flickr.com. Both give you a lot of space, are free, and allow you to post certain things you can't post on Facebook.  




If your photos are on Facebook, you need to create a special link so that people who are not on Facebook can see it.  Go to your album page, and on the right side, look for an icon of a gear.  Click it and there is a "Get Link" option.  Send that link to photography@euphoriaburn.com.  Thanks!