Euphoria 2015 Scholarship Tickets

Flashpoint Artists Initiative will be providing up to  20 scholarship tickets to Euphoria this year. To apply for a scholarship ticket, please create a submission as to why you are seeking a scholarship ticket. We have a limited amount so be creative, imaginative, and be on time for the best chance!

All submissions must be mailed (yes, that’s right, with a stamp and everything) and postmarked no later than February 16th, 2015 to be considered. Please include the following information on your submission: Legal Name, Mailing Address, Email, and Phone number.

Submit all scholarship tickets to:

Attn: FAI 2015 Event Committee
260 Northern Ave Apt 20B

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

FAI Donations to the Community

Flashpoint Artists Initiative has begun a yearly tradition of donating to a variety of community nonprofits we feel are supporting the arts and building community in Lafayette, Atlanta, and Georgia as a whole. At the end of 2014, we made an effort to donate to a wide spread of these organizations. Here’s what you helped fund in 2014:

  • Care Mission (Lafayette, GA) - $2000
  • Lafayette Fire Department - $1000
  • Flux Projects - $1000
  • Atlanta Beltline - $1000
  • WonderRoot - $1000
  • Lost n Found Youth - $1000
  • Park Pride - $500
  • Twinhead Theater - $500
  • Freeside Atlanta - $500
  • Trees Atlanta - $500
  • Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta - $500 designated for Youth Art Connection
  • Clarkston Community Center - $500 for arts based programming

Got a great organization you want to see supported in 2015? Email us!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is Turning One!


Speaking of action hippies, supporting the Lafayette community, and awesome art projects, we are thrilled to say that The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be returning to Euphoria this year! A year ago this project was started by Kim Ranallo as an attempt to embrace the Leave-It-Better portion of the principle of LNT principle. This past Alchemy, YOUR community gathered close to 550 pounds of food and personal hygiene products for the Care Mission, a food pantry in Lafayette. Let’s double that this year!

When you think about all your plans for Euphoria, bring a few extra items of non perishable food as well. You make a BIG impact!

Euphoria Ticket Sales

Tickets will be available though

Scholarship Ticket  Submission January  16th - February 16th

Volunteering Opens + Tier One $66.60* (500 Tickets) On-sale - Feb 4th 8:00 PM EST

Tier Two $66.60* (499 Tickets) On-sale – March 7th: 11:00 AM EST

*No Additional Fees

Euphoria 2015 Leadership Announced

Flashpoint Artist Initiative and the 2015 Event Committee are excited to announce the Euphoria 2015 Leadership! We look forward to working with these talented individuals to facilitate the space and opportunities for all our community members to participate and create their burn.


We had a record high number of applicants eager to dedicate their time and energy towards taking charge and organizing efforts, and for that we are very grateful.


Here is the list of Departments, their  Department Lead, and Team Leads:

Department of EMS - Melissa Roberts


  • Fire Safety: Team Lead: Cat McEarchern  |  Co-Lead: Buddy Smith
  • First Aid : Team Lead: Samantha Weinstein  |  Co-Lead: Robin Everitt
  • Rangers: Team Lead: Rachael Mosley (Bubbles)  |  Co-Lead: OJ
  • Ranger Training: Trevor Register
  • Sound :   Team Lead:  Joshua Berens (Joose) |  Co-Lead:  Cody Christopher McLaughlin
  • Tranquility Base: Team Lead:  John Wayne McGuire III | Co-Lead:  Morgan McGuire
  • Burn Perimeter: Task Lead: Jelli Beane
  • EMS Placement: Task Lead: Ben Bjostad

Department of Operations - Jamie Ouderkirk (Uber Timmy)

  • APW -  Team Lead: Sunnie Sablat (Mom Timmy)  | Co-Lead: Sparkle Timmy | Co-Lead: Jeremy D. Sones  | Co-Lead: Caitlin O’Shea  |  Co-Lead: Evans Manrique
  • Effigy
  • Art & Design:  Brittany Quinlan
  • Construction & Fabrication : Brian Marino
  • Leave No Trace: Team Lead: Andy Drake  | Co-Lead:  Lynne Warner
  • Parking:  Team Lead:Nathan Thacker
  • Purchasing: Task Lead: Jelli Beane
  • Teardown - Task Lead: Brian Calhoun
  • Temple
  • Art: Niki Austin
  • Design, Construction & Fabrication: Evans Manrique


Department of Information - Ean Loire

  • Connexus: Team Lead: Serendipity Lawless  |  Co-Lead: Heather Jensen
  • Education: Team Lead:  Melody Garland   |  Co-Lead: Kim Ranallo  
  • Lamplighters: Team Lead:  Ashta Monogue | Co-Lead: Kayla Kitchens
  • Placement:  Team Lead: Rhiannon Conley |  Co-Lead:  Brian J.
  • Volunteer : Team Lead: Iz Woodhouse |  Co-Lead:  Michelle Waymire
  • Pocket & Survival Guide:  Task Lead:  Pay Grade
  • Web Content: Task Lead: Jesse Miller


Department of Art - Sarah Griffith

  • Art -  Team Lead: Stefanie Roberts  | Co-Lead: Eris Longenecker
  • Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV):  Team Lead: Jacqueline Reiter   | Co-Lead:  Logan Wolf
  • Photography  -  Team Lead:  Mike Alberghini
  • Propaganda:  Task Lead: Kate Hahn
  • Conclave - Team Lead: Lauren Melody | Co-Lead: Jody Vasquez

The entire ELT group can be reached at Please contact us or your Department Lead if you have any questions

Euphoria 2015 Leadership Call Outs

Euphoria is in search of leadership!

We are looking for hardworking, dedicated, and passionate Leads for the following teams.  If you’re interested in serving in a leadership role, please review the general  guidelines below, and the team-specific guidelines on each team’s page.
All Team Leads are expected to:
  • Attend the first team lead meeting on 1/25/2015
  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. If you do not live close enough to Atlanta, we require that you have a Co-Lead who can attend. 
  • Submit a budget for the team.
  • Attend build weekend/week if required for your team.
  • Set up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Attend the daily Team Lead meetings during the event.
  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or an experienced volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure.  This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works.
  • Complete post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event.
  • Attend Radio training
  • Not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team.


You can submit your application here!



2015 Event Committed Selected

The Flashpoint Artist Initiative would like to congratulate the following people on their selection to the 2015 Event Committee.  The Event Committee is also known as Event Lead Team (ELT).  For more details about what this committee does check out this page.

  • Event Lead: Ash Monogue
  • Event Lead: Tareq Fayyad
  • Department of EMS: Melissa Roberts
  • Department of Operations: Jamie Ouderkirk
  • Department of Information: Ean Loire
  • Department of Art: Sarah Griffith 

These people bring a lot of talent, hard work, and experience to the committee.  

Thank you to everyone who applied.  

We are looking forward to an exciting event filled year.

Important Dates Remaining in 2014!

As we approach the end of the year, Flashpoint Artists Initiative has some really important things coming up! Here are some of the dates*** you should be looking out for:

  • October 27, 2014: Open Call Outs for the 2015 Events Committee, and Open Call Outs for BOD candidates (2 upcoming vacancies)
  • November 15, 2014: November FAI BOD meeting. 1:00 PM in East Atlanta (location TBA)
  • November 17, 2014: Open Call Outs close for the 2015 Events Committee and for BoD candidates
  • November 18, 2014: BOD voting begins
  • November 22, 2014: Meet the Candidates Town Hall (location and time TBA)
  • December 5, 2014: BoD voting closes
  • December 13, 2014: December FAI BOD meeting. 3:00 PM (location TBA)


***Please note that these dates are subject to change. In the event of a date change, announcements will be made.

Euphoria 2015 Dates

The FAI Board of Directors and Events Committee would like to announce the following dates for 2015:

  • Euphoria will be held April 30 - May 4, 2015 @ Cherokee Farms

So mark your calendars, start saving for tickets, and start planning your art. Ticket information and other details will be released later, stay tuned to The Alchemist for that announcement.


Euphoria is here!

Here are some reminders about essential to review/know in case you missed any of it in the middle of your last minute scramble to get ready:


  • Print your ticket and bring your ID


  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian







  • Bring some non-perishables for the food drive!


  • Be prepared for rain and very cold temperatures at night. Layers, tarps, boots, and all that jazz


  • Gate opens at 9AM on Thursday and is open through through the burn

 Be safe and see you all soon!