The Art/Fire Art Registration Forms Are Available!


Bringing an art project to this year's Euphoria?

Art Project Registration is open through March 8. Registering your art project is not required, but with registration comes advantages galore! Follow this link to start the registration process: Event Registration Form. While you're there, you can also register Sound Camps, Theme Camps, Flame Effects, and your Art Car or Mutant Vehicle. 

Art Project Registration is open to any participant bringing an art project, regardless of whether it was self-funded or funded through the Euphoria Art Fundraiser.

Registering your art project will allow it to be labeled on a large map! Participants will be able to hunt your project down and shower it with attention. Our Photography Team will know where to find your project while they're out doing their photography thing. Registration also allows you to choose your preference on where you'd like your project to be at the burn. Like theme camp placement, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but being able to work with the Art Team to get your project where you want it is a far cry from a battle royale-esque first-come-first-serve throwdown! We will do our absolute best to get your project exactly where you want it!

The Art Team would like to remind you that if your project is with a theme camp, then your camp Theme Camp Organizer (TCO) must register it as part of the camp registration.

Key Deadlines:

  • Art projects: Thu, Mar 8, 11:59 pm

  • Fire art: no deadline

  • Theme camps: Thu, Mar 8, 11:59 pm


The Art/Fire Art Registration Forms Are Available!


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