Euphoria 2017 Ticket Refund / Exchange

Euphoria 2017 was cancelled.  The Flashpoint Board of Directors has committed to refunding tickets to those who want refunds.  Ticketholders will have three options:

  1. A refund of the cost of a Euphoria ticket
  2. Exchange a Euphoria ticket for a ticket to Alchemy 2017.
  3. No refund or exchange, with the ticket cost being a donation to Flashpoint Artist Initiative.

Important information:

The form will be open through June 11th, 2017 at 11:59pm.  At that time we will close the form, check the submitted barcodes and refund or exchange any undisputed tickets.  A second round of refunds will open after that, but we will not be able to help with any disputes if a ticket has already been refunded.  Requests submitted by June 11th should be processed by the end of the month.  Any tickets not claimed by 120 days after the purchase date will be treated as a donation to Flashpoint. 

We can process a refund to the original credit card used for purchase if the original purchaser requests it. 

If you bought your ticket from someone else, you can request a refund, but we will need to send a check or Paypal.

We will not process a refund or exchange if more than one person has claimed ownership of a ticket.  If two people claim ownership, it will need to be figured out before we will refund or exchange.

Each ticket will require a separate request for a refund or exchange.

If you are the original purchaser of the tickets, you will need information from the confirmation email.  Search your email for a mesage from  You will also need to know the billing address and last 4 digits of the credit card that were used.

If you are ready to request a refund, fill out the form here.  You need to fill the form out once for each ticket you want a refund or exchange on.  Got four tickets?  You need to fill the form out four times.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Alchemy 2017?


The date has not been set yet, but we are planning for October 2017.

If I make my ticket a donation to Flashpoint, is it tax deductible?

No.  We are not a federal 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are not tax deductible.  They are still appreciated. :)

I paid less than $69 for my ticket and I don't want to make money on this.  Can I get a refund only for the price I paid?  

Sure.  You're awesome for sticking with decomodification, BTW.  On the form, under the "Other Information" section, just tell us how much to make the refund for.

What happens if I trade my ticket for an Alchemy ticket and Alchemy gets cancelled?

You will still be able to request a refund of the cost of a Euphoria ticket.

What if I gifted my ticket to someone?

Then the person you gifted it to owns it now.  They can request a refund, exchange it for an Alchemy ticket or gift it however they want.

I bought two tickets for me and my partner.  Do we each need to request a refund?

You need to submit one request for each ticket.  The one who purchased them can submit both of them to get the refund as a credit on their card, or each of you can request a refund, but only the one who used their card will get a credit.

I bought two tickets for me and my ex.  Then they broke up with me.  Can I refund their ticket, and exchange mine for an Alchemy ticket?

You need to submit one request for each ticket.  You can request a refund for one, and an exchange for the second one.  However, if you and your ex both submit requests for the same ticket, neither one of you will get anything until it is straightened out.

I bought four tickets: one for me, one for my roommate, and two for friends of mine.  How do we handle this?

Let's say we have Adam, Bob, Corey and Dani.  Adam bought four tickets: One for him, one for his roommate Bob, and two for his friends Corey and Dani.

Adam wants to trade his in for an Alchemy ticket. - Adam should submit one barcode and request an Alchemy ticket.
Bob wants a refund - Bob should submit one barcode and request a refund.
Corey wants a refund - Cory should submit one barcode and request a refund.
Dani wants an Alchemy ticket - Dani should submit one barcode and request an Alchemy ticket.

I bought a ticket for me and my roommate.  My roommate paid me for the ticket.  We both want refunds.  Can you just refund both to my credit card?

If you want to buy the ticket back from your roommate, for money or barter or whatever, that's fine.  Then you still need to submit one request for each ticket.  If you and your roommate both submit a request for the same ticket, no refund or exchange will be given until one of you retracts your request.

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