Final details

Build weekend went well. The city is laid out. The Temple and Effigy are rising. The site looks amazing.  Here's some last minute updates.

Tickets - Print or download your ticket before you leave home.  The scanners can scan off of phones, but only if the screen is really bright and the sun is not.  There is no cell signal on site, so you will not be able to download PDFs from websites, emails, Google Drive, etc.  Make sure there is a local copy on your phone or on paper, to avoid trouble.  There's nothing worse than having to drive 15 miles away to have to download your ticket.  Trust me, I had to do it once.

Traffic - The road between the parking lot and the main fields is a narrow one-lane road.  There is NOT room for two cars to pass.  There will be volunteers at each end telling you when it is clear to drive each way.  DO NOT DRIVE DOWN THE ROAD UNTIL YOU GET THE OK.

Ants - many of the mounds were treated.  A second round of treatment happened Sunday.  Still, there will probably be a few that get missed, so be careful.

The fields of pointyness - There's a lot of sharp pointy stems from mowing, and thistles in some places.  Be very careful when walking.  Going barefoot is risky.  Cheap flip flops may be risky too.  Got a pair of pruning shears?  Bring them!  You can snip the pointy stems at your camp.  

Poop - most of it has been dispersed, but a few bits remain.  We suggest bringing a pair of cheap plastic gloves if you plan on picking it up to move it, or a tarp or few trash bags if you want a poop-proof barrier between tent and ground.  Hand sanitizer is a good thing, since there's no convenient place to wash your hands.

The Facebook Group - Most of the Event Committee, aka the mods, will be on site by Wednesday.  We have a volunteer mod who can't be at the burn watching the group.  Don't be mad if a lot of your posts don't get approved.  We are concentrating on answering questions and getting information out to the community.


Stay Informed!

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