Euphoria 2017 is Cancelled

Friends, burners, and action hippies: I regret to say we have the bad news, not the good news we’d all hoped.

In consultation with our lawyers, and by consensus of the Full Board of Directors, we no longer believe we will be able to deliver a reliable burn experience for you all and have decided to pack things back up until we can find a home where we are welcome. There will be no Euphoria 2017, and it breaks my heart to type this out. We are going to be doubling down on Alchemy 2017, and making it the best burn it possibly can be for you all.

I know you all have many questions and concerns, and I’m going to try to answer some of the most basic ones here:

Tickets: Yes, we will be beginning a process to refund all ticket holders who wish so within the next 2-3 weeks. Mike and Jules will announce the process when they have everything in place.

Alternatively, Euphoria ticket holders may choose instead to trade their tickets in for Alchemy 2017 tickets at no additional cost. This results in guaranteed tickets for less money than working through the tier windows later this year.

Any burners who wish to donate their ticket revenue back to the org will that that option as well.

Art Grants: Artists can receive their Art Grants in full as awarded, or they may chose to have their art funds directed to future art grants. They will all be invited to bring their projects to Alchemy 2017.

Community Feedback: A town hall will be held on Saturday, May 13 that will be open to the public and lead into our May Board Meeting. We will accept constructive feedback there, and listen to your concerns.

Additionally, you may wish to consider running for our open board seat – we are drawing up a special election process to replace one of the winners of the 2016 BoD Election, who has since resigned his seat. If you want a chance to make a difference and have your voice heard, this is it!

A full report detailing everything we learned and how we chose to act in response is in progress, and will be released shortly.

We hope that you will continue to work and volunteer and contribute to our community as we navigate this new path forward for Alchemy, Euphoria, and FAI as a whole.

We are all immensely proud of the work done by Mike Alberghini and the entire Events Committee, and we will continue to move forward.

Stay Informed!

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