Welcome to The Hinterlands

We are less than 75 days away from the inaugural gate opening at the Lavender Farm. Given that we have chosen to embark upon a grand journey to a new and exciting homeland, it seemed fitting and proper to give further introductions of said land to the community, for your planning pleasure.

As of now, the land is a virgin burner. It is a clean face, or as some might say, a tabula rasa, lacking in defined neighborhoods or area names. Some of these names will come with time and with your experiences; others will be assigned by necessity as city planning is done by the Events Committee.

Others may be arbitrarily chosen. As such, we present to you:

The Hinterlands!




plural noun: Hinterlands

1. the often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river's banks.

"early settlers were driven from the coastal areas into the Hinterlands"

synonyms: backwoods, backwater, wilds, wilderness, bush, back of beyond, backcountry; More

-an area surrounding a town or port and served by it.

"the city had grown prosperous by exploiting its local western Hinterlands"

2. an area lying beyond what is visible or known.

"in the Hinterlands of his mind these things rose, dark and ominous"

The Hinterlands is a pine forest located beyond the Big L field and what has been lovingly called the Sliver. It is approximately 56 acres of row after row of planted young pine trees. It is entirely unnatural, and the layout of the trees combined with the sheer number of them create a juxtaposition of humankind and nature. The resulting effect garners mixed emotions, ranging from "spooky" to "amazing."

The Hinterlands occupies more space than the Main Field and the Deep End combined at Cherokee Farms. Once you enter the forest, everywhere you turn looks exactly the same. The young trees are so similar that they are poor landmarks. They stand around you in a grid pattern, offering you no guidance whatsoever about which way is out.

The floor of the forest is carpeted with years’ worth of dry pine needles. The sounds of steps are mutedby the needles, and everything seems more quiet…until you hear the random snaps in the distance, the source of which you cannot see.

The Hinterlands is a place of beauty and wonder, but it presents a new set of challenges for us as acommunity. Burners tend to wander, and wandering far into the Hinterlands could easily result in missing hippies. Also, dry pine straw burns like crazy.

Some ideas have been tossed around about how to keep us safe, and how to keep the Hinterlands safefrom us. Ideas so far have included various means of marking trails within the Hinterlands in such a way that the markers can be seen from all directions at night.

The most definite change from years’ past is this: fire will absolutely not be allowed in the Hinterlands.

We hope that the reasons for this are obvious. This is a glow only zone.

While the Org has plans for helping assure everyone’s safety in this newfound land-beyond, the community will need to help. It is absolutely essential that you let people know if you’re going into the Hinterlands, and for you to take a buddy. And if you see any sign of fire in there whatsoever, please put it out. If it is a fire you feel uncomfortable handling, call for Fire Safety.

The Hinterlands will be open for exploration, hammocks, and art projects. We encourage you to go andenjoy it! It’s a really great place to be! But please try to be responsible and respectful of the area, and take care of each other while doing so.

Stay Informed!

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