Ticket Prices Announced

The ticket prices and sale dates for Euphoria have been set.

Tier 1: 400 tickets at $49 each, on sale 3/20 at 8PM EST
Tier 2: 600 tickets at $55, on sale 4/7 at 12PM EST

The good news is that we are increasing the cap by 249, which will make Euphoria bigger but hopefully without any growing pains.

The bad news, as you’ve probably noticed, is that ticket prices have gone up. That’s not something we are happy about, but it did have to happen. Yes, this means Alchemy’s ticket price will go up, too. We currently don’t know by how much as we’re still working on that. However, we anticipate that these events will still be at a price point in keeping with community expectations for regional burns of similar size and scope. First off, we’re expanding our insurance coverage. Previously, we’ve had one insurance policy covering each event. We still need that, and, the bigger the event, the more the insurance costs. We also need to add additional insurance to protect the organization as a whole and its ongoing operations.

Second, as the events themselves grow, the budgets grow as well. Often, the expenses do not grow in a parallel linear fashion with size growth, requiring an uptick in ticket prices.

Third, in addition to our expanded insurance costs and coverage, the organization has a number of costs in 2013 to resolve tax and financial issues from prior years. We have hired professionals to assist with the resolution of these outstanding organizational issues in order to ensure the continuing longevity of the organization and all the events.

That’s it, in a nutshell. In the interest of transparency, we will report all of these organizational costs as per our regular financial reporting through the Afterburn Reports or as otherwise appears appropriate. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to contact us at board@alchemyburn.com.

Alchemy, LLC Board of Directors.