The wandering smokestack

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Project Name: The wandering smokestack

Artist Name: Mikie Moonboots

Description of Project

"I want to have a backpack mounted double hookah with two heads/stems and 4 hoses on each one. as a minimum budget i would be willing to cut down on the price by dropping to a single hookah stem with 4 hoses still mounted in the same configuration.

I plan on doing this using a backpack drink dispenser (the double tube one on amazon) then get two of the hookah stems and modify the tubes on the backpack to hold the hookah stems. The bowls of the hookah will have air screens so as to keep the coals from coming out or falling so as to make sure there will be no sparks or any sort of fire danger.

My reasoning for doing this is because at alchemy i met so many awesome people by sitting around our camp and offering hookah to passerby. i felt like it was an amazing way to bring strangers together and create a stronger community. sitting around smoking with your friends and shooting the shit was such a huge part of my life and bringing it to more people at once would be even better. by changing over to the drink dispenser i dont have to worry about any glass breaking creating a hazard... by putting it on a backpack i get to roam the burn and find people who might not be at my camp... and It makes it more safe."

Community Involvement

well anyone who is legally able to smoke is welcome to smoke. so anyone who sees the hookahs is welcome to stop and smoke or just chit chat. This year's theme is the fire within. to me that is the heart and mind of the people at the burn. i want to see those people and talk to them and learn about them. some of the most real conversation ive ever had have been when just sitting around smoking so it seemed like a great way to be able to do that.

Other: We might not be burning an effigy but there can still be fire and smoke. just as long as it doesnt burn when you pee youll prolly be just fine.

Requested Minimum:  $132.67

Requested Maximum: $254.11


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