Suicide Booth

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Project Name: Suicide Booth

Artist Name: Serra Allgood

Description of Project

"Synopsis: Encourage discussion and examination of suicide and its effects on our lives

The goal of the project is to provide a space where people can indirectly communicate to each other their thoughts, experiences, and emotions regarding suicide. It's a topic that's commonly maligned as taboo and thus ignored, but it affects so many of us. It's a disturbing topic, but it's important to examine and even more vital to be reminded that you are not alone.

The Suicide Booth will be roughly the dimensions of a phone booth. Inside, affirmative messages will be posted on the walls. A shelf with a journal will be available for participants to indirectly communicate to other participants. Due to the potentially triggering nature of the content of the journal, I'm hoping to place the booth close to Tranquility Base, and the door will display a prominent trigger warning."

Community Involvement

Everyone I've talked to so far about the Suicide Booth has liked the idea and a small number of people have offered their help in its construction. I'm hoping that the nature of the project will give it some word of mouth appeal and people become interested in it.

Other: If you're moved in any way by this project and are interested in helping, I'd love help! This is the first time I've built anything ever, so someone with more know how would be amazing!

Requested Minimum:  $596.82

Requested Maximum: $729.84


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