Stagger Sticks

Artist Name
Jennifer Mitchell

Description of Project
"My vision is to have every burner interested, that attends Euphoria at the new site, take away a piece of the land that will not only be useful in hiking and walking, but can also double as a WIZARD STAFF which enables the casting of magical magic stuff. We will have participants go out on to the property and find a sturdy walking stick and bring it back to our on-site "studio".
There, we will provide materials to fancy-up their stick including: wraps for the handle (leather and paracord), waterproof paints, beads, wood burning, feathers, trinkets, and other fun odds and ends. We have experienced artists that will be available to instruct those that need help with the production of their masterpiece."

Full imagery:

Community Involvement
I hope they'll be useful to the community.

Requested Minimum: $187.42

Requested Maximum: $306.36

Final Funding: $306.36

Link to budget:

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