Spindozer Glitterbomb

Artist Name
Matthew "Zeus" Morris

Description of Project
Let there be... GLITTER JARS! What's a glitter jar, you ask? Why, it's a lava lamp, which requires no electricity, and is made of GLITTER!!! Watch a rainbow of glitter spin on the SPINDOZER GLITTERBOMB. This Ferris wheel-like contraption holds 8 "jars" (plastic!), each at an slight angle. At this angle, as the wheel turns, each jar is flipped over, sending glitter globules oozing and tumbling to the bottom. As the glitter does this, bright light shines through the jars and the glitter, creating a dazzling effect! Brilliant! (Literally!) The SPINDOZER GLITTERBOMB can also be spun quickly, fully agitating the GLITTER RAINBOW. Lie beneath the wheel on our water resistant camping blanket and gaze upon the colors of the glitter as they are altered by turbulent forces! SCIENCE! ART! SCART!

Full imagery: http://imgur.com/a/lApA6

Community Involvement
SPINDOZER GLITTERBOMB can be enjoyed from both 'sides', as well as from below! Grab onto the handles and give it a spin! Lie beneath it and look up to enjoy the dazzling effect of light through water... and glitter! Argue with your fellow Alchemists about the correct formulas to use to calculate the exact velocity of the solution! The possibilities are endless! This Ferris wheel of glitter is the brainchild of two Alchemists who enjoy the intersection of art and science. Combining the art form of glitter jars with the science of fluid dynamics, SPINDOZER GLITTERBOMB delights the eyes and stimulates the mind at any hour of the day or night and is suitable for ages zero-infinity.

Requested Minimum: $366.48

Requested Maximum: $522.93

Final Funding: $434.16

Link to budget: https://goo.gl/C1YyNr

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