Sound Policies


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Sound Policies

Pick someone to be responsible for your sound system and who can be your camp's point of contact with the Sound Team. This can also be the Theme Camp Organizer but it has to be someone who knows how to work the system and can be available in case of an emergency sound situation. We will need to know how to reach that person if they aren’t at your camp.

Sound levels must be regulated at certain times to make sure we maintain a good relationship with the local community. Sound systems will be tested with a decibel meter and marked letting you know the max sound level your camp may operate at. Multiple instances of going over level have the possibility of us having to ask you to turn your system off for the night or even the whole weekend. We want everyone to have a great time, but please understand how serious this is for the future of our events.

  • No sound systems with more than 4 low end drivers (subwoofer speakers) and 8 mid/high range drivers (speakers).
  • No unregistered camps with sound bigger than a small stereo or boombox.
  • Generators! It is going to be required that every generator be placed at least 30 feet away from your system and in an appropriate place so that its not bleeding other camps or causing carbon monoxide poisoning for campers. (don’t worry we will help with this) ALSO, if you really want gold stars, please be creative and see if you can come up with some sort of dampening to place around the generator. Even if you build four walls out of plywood.
  • No abandoned, still running sound systems, please. If you’re not there, or no one is there except your DJ, please be respectful to the community at large and drop to a volume that isn’t just adding to the sound in the air.
  • Please know your DJ’s and make sure they aren’t going to give you a bad rap. Explain to these fellers that we need them to be just as responsible as you! In fact, they are representing you regularly!

If there is a sound complaint, please know that we will have a procedure that every camp will immediately reduce volume by a preset amount, this will be nonnegotiable as we must quickly deal with any offsite complaint that arises. As we sort out where the problem came from, we will deal with the possibility of going back to the previous level.

Everything is subject to change due to environment and the interactions we have with Theme Camps.

Stay Informed!

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