Smoothie Pony Express

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Project Name: Smoothie Pony Express

Artist Name: David Tyberg

Description of Project

Smoothie Pony Express

The Sparkle Pony Express’s major hurdle continues to be awareness. The large, colorfully decorated dropbox network made a significant difference in enticing participants to engage with the project. However, engagement is still below desired levels. After some observation, I believe one of the major contributors to low engagement with the SPE is the fact that it requires participants to take the initiative. Since the dropboxes are not constantly staffed by artists, they require participants to approach them, read the signs, and follow directions of their own accord, which, frankly, can be a challenge for the average immediacy-focused participant. As a next step to remedy this, I propose a two-pronged approach- 1. Create events to occur at the burn that will draw attention to a dropbox and keep an artist in a stationary location where they can instruct participants in how to engage with the project. And 2. Entice participants to engage with the project by adding further elements of participation and edible art.

If properly funded, I intend to bring the previously-funded smoothie bike to Euphoria for another round of smoothie madness. I then intend to use funding to provide ingredients and a recipe for participants to make a delicious fruit and dairy smoothie with the bike blender. The bike blender would only be available during scheduled times at the burn, located at a central location (The Brownie Brothel) immediately adjacent to a SPE drop box. While participants are waiting their turn to blend up their frozen, edible art, I intend to have fellow artists on hand to guide burners in the use of the SPE system, inviting them to send packages and messages, and even offering liquid-safe containers so that waiting couriers can deliver smoothies as gifts to other participants across the property!

For simplicity, the smoothies will be made from a single recipe which will be vegetarian, gluten free, and contain no nuts. However, the recipe will contain plain greek yogurt and therefore will not be vegan. I intend to offer 2 smoothie-making events at the burn. 1 on Friday afternoon and 1 on Saturday afternoon. Ad hoc BYO-ingredients events (some restrictions apply) for those wishing to mix up something a little different from my offered recipe may crop up at my discretion. Any leftover ingredients will be mixed up for distribution on Sunday.

Community Involvement

The entire object of this project is increased involvement. While spearheaded by myself, The Sparkle Pony Express is comprised of a group of as many as 50 Georgia burners with an interest in increasing bicycle culture at the Georgia burns. While I’m leading fundraising efforts and will handle supply acquisition and much of the setup, I intend to reach out to the community at large to assist with the on-site operation of the project. It is my hope that with broader reach, more participants will wish to get more deeply involved with the workings of The Sparkle Pony Express, take on a leadership role with existing projects, and hopefully bring their own creative vision to expand upon the idea of bicycle culture as art for The Georgia Burns. And of course, the intended end result is to entice many GA burners into engaging more with existing bicycle-based art while participating in this new culinary/performance art aspect. Just add pedal power!

Other: For video demonstration and additional images, click here.

Requested Minimum:  $218.55

Requested Maximum: $519.23


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