The Scrying Mirror

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Project Name:

The Scrying Mirror


Artist Name:

Monet Fort

Description of Project

A scrying mirror stands atop an old pedestal in a mossy clearing. Though it is moldered and neglected, enchanted stones on the sides may still be touched to wake embers of magic in the reflection. Wait a while, and you might catch a glimpse of some symbol of your fate.

I learned to create a 2-way mirror and to program individually addressable LED strips using microcontrollers. The leds can selectively reveal what is behind the mirror. I’m combining this with my fondness for curiosities and assemblage art to create a fantasy-inspired garden scrying mirror. The mirror will reveal a strange object or objects inside the bowl under the mirror at a random time (don’t worry, it won’t take TOO long). While the scryer gazes, fiber optic effects can be triggered by pressing buttons on the sides of the bowl. The entire thing will sit under a diaphanous, mossy shade to help keep the surface dark so the effects are more easily seen.


Community Involvement

I want to see how engaged people are with this at Euphoria, improve it, troubleshoot it, and bring it back to a few more Euphorias and Alchemies. I hope it will help me connect with other people who are learning interactive electronic art and might like to collaborate, expand on this project, or work on new ones with me. I can imagine a whole garden of strange, mossy nooks where night-blooming flowers might wink at you, stones might glow when touched, and multi-headed snakes will hiss as you pass by.


Other: Thanks to:
Patrick Murphy: for getting me started with Arduino
Keith Graham: for troubleshooting my code
Lindsay Giordano: my 30" plexiglass sheet would have been far more expensive without her help.
Dax Luc Picard: picked up a vessel for the final build which would have been quite a drive for me.
Reuben Goodgion: for moral support, patience while I learned Arduino, for driving me to retrieve craigslist items, and for helping with the construction and transportation.

Requested Minimum:  $301.41

Requested Maximum:



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