Rainbow Sangria Bar

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Project Name: Rainbow Sangria Bar

Artist Name: Katie Herman

Description of Project

The Rainbow Sangria Bar will provide thirsty burners with a colorful spectrum of refreshing drinks that include healthy snacks. We will make many kinds of sangria full of delicious fruits (and maybe even vegetables!) to serve to thirsty burners as they wander across LBJ. If we get enough funding, we'll be able to offer Rainbow Sangria Bar reusable color change mugs full of red, white, or rainbow sangria. All of this will be served from a rainbow themed bar (possibly including a hint of yellow brick road).

Community Involvement

Rainbow Sangria bar is open to those who want to learn to make tasty sangria and help us serve it. It will offer colorful, glistening refreshment and deliciousness to sweaty burners in the afternoon hours. The bar creation will draw upon the talents of whichever artistically inclined burner friends we can bribe with tasty drinks to come help make it as rainbow-y as possible, adding to the visual landscape of the burn. Anyone who receives one of our incredibly handy reusable, color changing plastic mugs will smile with fond memories of when they happened upon us.


We will definitely need help making the Rainbow Sangria Bar as rainbow-y as possible, tasting sangria recipes, and cutting fruit before the event. At Euphoria, we'd love some help making and serving the sangria.

Attendance and generous donation to our as yet unplanned sangria tasting fundraiser would be welcome! And of course, donations of wine, Kroger gift cards, and rainbow decorations would enable us to make the Rainbow Sangria Bar the tastiest, fruitiest art project at LBJ.

Requested Minimum:  $463.71

Requested Maximum: $966.28

Budget: https://goo.gl/pXnld3

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