Popup Pancake Photobooth

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Project Name: Popup Pancake Photobooth

Artist Name: Matthew Chaney

Description of Project

Hey butterface, you look delicious! Turn your face (or something else) into delicious edible art! The Popup Pancake Photo Booth will help you masticate your masterpieces by transforming photos into pancakes using the magic of robotics!

Community Involvement

This project will help the Georgia Burn community do what it does best: devour its own!

Other: Skilled pancakographers wanted! If you've got skills with pancakes, photos, or robots, you could help extend the Popup Pancake Photobooth serving hours and put more beautiful pancakes into bellies. Please contact me at pancakephotos@gmx.com for more info.

Requested Minimum:  $322.92

Requested Maximum: $406.92

Budget: https://goo.gl/bDKCMN

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