PHC Guard Tower

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Project Name: PHC Guard Tower

Artist Name: Lucas Sims / Ernest Law

Description of Project

"In any setting, reaching an objective is all about giving yourself a tactical advantage over an opponent or adversary. In battle that often means having control of a higher ground for an unexpected assault. In a setting where we all have the common goal of bringing more enjoyment to our community, the higher ground can be used to play music, project lights and serve as a raised platform for flame effects from previous art projects.

At the minimum funded level, the covered platform will be at 7 feet above the ground with 2 automated searchlights and outside illumination of the tower. At maximum funding, the height will double and electronics will be run from batters to be independent from generator power.

Since we will be villaging with Radio Free Alchemy again, we will be joining forces to have a tank, monkey-hut, sound-tent and radio tower. Adding the watchtower will further enhance the decor and add another stage to bring even more visibility to the camp."

Community Involvement

The tower will be a source of fun and music. We plan on having multiple events through out Euphoria burn that will involve anyone willing to participate.

Requested Minimum:  $567.93

Requested Maximum: $734.91


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