The Octoplatform

Artist Name
Quinn Allgood

Description of Project
"The Octoplatform is one of the many projects that got cut short due to the rain at Alchemud. Nothing has changed about the construction and execution of the Octoplatform, aside from hoping that the weather doesn't knock it out of usability this time around. When put together, the Octoplatform will be an eight-foot-wide octagonal platform with tentacles coming out of six of the sides (and a set of stairs on the extra two). The top will be covered with a cozy memory foam pad, and the wire-made tentacles will be given some extra squish with some cotton batting and a fleece sleeve.

Thanks to help from the community to bring the Octoplatform into existence for Alchemy, not much has to be done in the way of preparing for the burn this year: Replacements have to be purchased for the shade structure that broke and the lights that were damaged, but everything else for the Octoplatform is already ready and waiting to be brought to a burn. The budget covers that, plus transportation expenses."

Full imagery:

Community Involvement
This project is meant to act as a place for people to congregate at the burn. It will be available for people to relax on at any point during the burn, and will be lit for easier visibility at night.

Requested Minimum: $584.59

Requested Maximum: $584.59

Final Funding: $584.59

Link to budget:

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