Minors Policies

Flashpoint Artists Initiative (FAI) Policy on Admitting Minors to Overnight Gated Events

Custodial parents or guardians may bring their minor children to FAI Overnight Gated Events, subject to the following mandatory conditions, in addition to regular gate admissions procedures followed by the parent(s) or guardian(s), and all other conduct requirements.

  1. All minor children must have a valid ticket, regardless of age. Children under 12 are still admitted for free, but must posses a valid ticket.

For Euphoria 2018 child tickets will be at the gate to be used upon arrival. For Alchemy 2018 there will be the option to select a free ticket for all under 12s.

  1. The child’s ticket must be presented to gate personnel for verification at the Entrance Gate.
  2. The child’s custodial parent or guardian must sign a special Minor Child Admissions Waiver.
  3. The child must be clearly photographed by gate personnel, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI.*
  4. The child and each parent or guardian must be photographed together, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI.*
  5. The parent must list an emergency contact person, who will be present at the event at all times the child is present.
  6. The emergency contact person must also be photographed with the child, at the gate, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI*, and must also complete and sign the Emergency Contact section of the Minor Child Admissions Waiver.
  7. The photographs must be attached to the to the completed and signed Minor Child Admissions Waiver, to be retained at the gate, by gate personnel, for the duration of the event.*
  8. All parents or guardians, children, and emergency contacts will be issued wristbands, the parents number will be recorded on the childs,and vice versa.  Additionally, the numbers will be recorded on both child, and guardian waivers. The wristbands must be worn at all times, and must be shown to gate personnel, and photographs verified before any minor child will be permitted to leave the event.
  9. Children must be in the care, custody, and control of the parent, guardian, or emergency contact at all times.  Sleeping children may not be left in camps unattended.
  10. In no event are children permitted to leave the event boundaries other than through the entrance gate, whether or not they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact.
  11. Children are never permitted to use or play near any fire or flame source, or any body of water.
  12. Minor children, and persons under 21 are not permitted in adult-themed camps, or areas, which must be screened from view, under any circumstances, regardless of parental consent.  Identification is checked at the entrance points of all adult-themed camps, and underage persons are not admitted.
  13. Minor children, and persons under 21, are not permitted to drink alcohol, nor to violate any other law, regardless of parental consent.
  14. If the child and parent, guardian, or emergency contact become separated at any time during the event, each should report to the nearest Ranger, who will issue the appropriate response, in compliance with ICS standards.
  15. Violation of these conditions is grounds for ejection from the event.

*Photos are not recorded on any digital media, and will be returned to the parents or destroyed following the event.

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