Letters from Home

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Project Name: Letters from Home

Artist Name: Brian Calhoun

Description of Project

We will have postcards for people to fill out and we will mail them. Then can send then to friends, family, or even themselves. We also have to different boxes, one to be mailed right away, and one to the "future" which we hold to be mailed in the future.

Community Involvement

People get to come hangout at our camp and fill out cards, it was a big hit at Alchemy, and even talked about on FaceBook very favorably.

Other: We did this at Alchemy and everyone seemed to like it. Jen might have some pictures we can use, but I'll have to ask her tomorrow.

Requested Minimum:  $270.00

Requested Maximum: $360.00

Budget: https://goo.gl/rRqytI

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