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Project Name: LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!

Artist Name: Rachael Mosley, Jessica Poole

Description of Project

Come one and all to join in on the debauchery! We are Bakers who want to share our love of cakery in its finest forms. We will be making about 130, 4 Inch cakes, that will be prepped and ready for you to art on! In true Marie Antoinette fashion, we will be playing Classical music, and dressed appropriately, (Hopefully). Our mission is to ""Let Them Eat Cake"" by providing cake to the masses!
We will have buttercream icing, and a tasty buttercream fondant for you to art with, in multiple colors. The cakes will come in 2 flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate, and they will not be Gluten or Dairy free. ( Apologies to those of you who were looking for this, we may try to do a vegan option for Alchemy, if this goes well!)"

Community Involvement

"We provide a unique experience for all hippies! You can come and learn how to use different cake decorating mediums, and eat your creation! Our project thrives on the community being involved!"


"A vote for cake is a vote for NOT Death! Come, help our project come to life!"

Requested Minimum:  $310.54

Requested Maximum: $387.71

Budget: https://goo.gl/wsmnwe

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