Infinite hole stripper pole

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Project Name: Infinite hole stripper pole
Artist Name:
 Randy Burnett

Description of Project

"This will be a free standing spinning stripper pole with a infinite mirror floor with addressable LEDs creating an vortex for the dancers to dance above surrounded by a padded cuddle puddle type area
Which will be supported by a torsion box ( plytech type slot and groove box) with infinite mirrors obscuring the support system"

Community Involvement

"Well it will be great place to take a load off and lay down
And or dance on a pole
It should be some good eye candy especially the hole cuz the LEDs are going to be addressable which makes for vortex fun"

Other: This will be a shoes off while on the pole kind of project

Requested Minimum:  $1,000.30

Requested Maximum: $1,000.30


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