Hammock City!

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Project Name:

Hammock City!


Artist Name: Annika Willis

Description of Project

Hammock City! was an amazing success for Euphoria & Alchemy 2016! I want to have around 40-50 hammocks this time, set-up in the woods with art and wind chimes and fabric to flow in the breeze. Hammock City! became a favorite chill space for so many people, a great oasis to escape all the noise and lights and just relax, draw, sing, paint, and make new friends. This time, I want there to be more hammocks, more art going on, more notebooks to write and draw in, more donated art, and more twinkly lights!

 I want to have signs throughout the burn that will point people towards the woods where the city is (the castle project blocked the path and most people were lost). The notebooks were probably my favorite thing to see at the end, and they had so many cool things in them that involved people nearby to join in (i.e. a dare game, sing-alongs, poems, stories, etc) I will definitely have those again!


Community Involvement

You know the drill. It's a great place to relax, calm down, get creative, take a nap, make new friends, volunteer, have fun, all the things



No one stole any hammocks at Alchemy 2016!!!!!! Hurrah!!!! So, all I really need is batteries for the lights and signage to tell people to not be rude! Actually, mostly I just need volunteers. So many volunteers. I have to leave Saturday, so I need a dedicated and trustworthy group of people that can tear down and return the hammocks to me after the burn! Please volunteer people!!!!


Requested Minimum:  $47.00

Requested Maximum: $116.00

Budget: https://goo.gl/qT4WXy

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