Hammock City!

Artist Name

Description of Project
The Hinterlands are a magical forest spreading through Lavender Farms for what seems to be eternities. I want to build a city of hammocks down one or two rows of trees for people to come and relax and commune with nature and each other. The hammocks will not only serve as a good place to rest your feet after walking the ginormous property, but they will also be a great landmark for anyone getting a little (or a lot) lost in the Hinterlands. There will be wind chimes, lights, arts, crafts, and more everywhere! We will sporadically have people teaching flow/hoop lessons. We will have dream catcher making classes so everyone can bring home an amazing souvenir from the burn. We can have guest artists to teach sacred geometry drawing. People are encouraged to use the space for yoga, relaxation, and anything creative and fun.

The city will be “walled” in by beautiful tapestries/fabric. This space will be an open and fantastically magical place for everyone to gather and be themselves. There can be lights and chill music and art everywhere. It will be visually, physically, and mentally stimulating. It will be a whole new little world inside of our new home!

Ideally, 20 or so hammocks would be great and people are welcome to bring their own! There are more than enough trees to accommodate everyone.

Community Involvement
We will need volunteers to help put up all the hammocks, help lead art/flow/yoga/hoop classes. Hammock City will bring burners together in one place to relax and talk and maybe even nap a little. It could potentially become a permanent fixture at burns and a great way to bring strangers together.

Requested Minimum: $200.00

Requested Maximum: $500.00

Final Funding: $500.00

Link to budget: https://goo.gl/Z2WzQC

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