Funded Art Projects

Flashpoint Photo Station

by Oliver Wheeler

Description of Project: I want to place 10 disposable cameras at various locations at the burn.

Requested Amount: 259.43

Cyclopean Monolith

by Ernest Law

Description of Project:

The Cyclopean Monolith will be a 4 foot wide at its base, and 8 foot tall pyramid with art carved into and through the 4 sides of the edifice.

It will be a ply-wood outer shell with an interior 2x4 skeleton and undercarriage.

The exterior sides of the shell will have carved art work on them.

If approved one side may have a cubby hole where people could place things they would like to part with in the burning of the Monolith.

One side would have my signature stylized All Seeing Eye carved into it.

Another side would have a forest or natural scene.

Another side would have a Urban or city scape carving.

The Last side would have a stylized humanoid face [the aforementioned cubby space acting as its mouth]

I would love to see this piece burned from the inside out, allowing the inner fire to shine out through the carvings. If we cannot burn it, depending on where it is placed, it would be easy to light the Monolith from the inside for night time viewing. If it was placed near our camp [PHC] we could run a cord from our generator and put a light inside easily enough.

Requested Amount: $199.80

If you build it, art will come

by William Buckley

Description of Project: We have an art plaza on the map but it was completely empty during Alchemy 2017 - I hope this project will be "If you build it, they will come" for artists to display their creative works.

Requested Amount: $280.22 / $396.17

Pizza Palace

by Kevin Wilson

Description of Project: Our vision is simple: provide coal fired flat bread pizza to the masses.

We started offering these glorious coal fired slices of art at To the Moon, a Tennessee burn. We had roughly 40 flatbreads available, with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, garlic, pineapple, arugula, balsamic glaze, fresh mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce as available toppings so we could serve everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. Cooked over a coal burning grill, these tasty treats caused a line up as word spread across the camp! But then the worst happened - we ran out of flatbreads.

This was the highlight of our burn at To the Moon - serving hungry people with a love-crafted burn ready treat, and we want to start offering pizzas on a grander scale with more topping options, more flatbreads (so we can serve more people), and even gluten free options!

As you can see in our budget, we have included the bare necessities to get started so we can gift and feed as many people as possible at Alchemy. With coal fired pizza ovens (which give you a better all over cook than standard coal fired grills can offer) and a budget for the materials (plus the coolers to hold it all!), we want to gift food to the hungry. And not just any food - pizza, the best kind of pie!

Requested Amount: $377.40


by Sarah Griffith & Trevor Register

Description of Project:

Resonance: the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration. We seek to evoke the musicality in us all, to create and feed a collaborative Resonance through spontaneous community music.

The Georgia Burns have long been a welcoming haven for all varieties of pre-recorded music, in particular electronic dance music. Yet for burners that play instruments, our burns have been unfortunately exclusionary. One of these barriers is that hauling instruments to a burn is cumbersome, expensive, and risky. Resonance aims to remove this barrier by providing a variety instruments for anyone to use, even some requiring no musical background.

Another goal of Resonance is to promote collaboration. DJ's are akin to a "sage on the stage", delivering a sonic experience to all those on the dance floor. But there's no room for community involvent in creating that experience. Inclusive collaboration is a bedrock principle of Resonance. No solo acts!

For Euphoria, we will be hosting the open jam session at the PIE-Rates theme camp on Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! For later burns, we would like to expand this to our own theme camp to allow for more instruments, more performances, and more Resonance. This is just the beginning of what we envision to be something much more grand!

For our initial phase we will seek out simple instruments such as shakers, triangles, and tamborines. We will also look for other common instruments such as 6-string and bass guitars and hand drums. We'll spend the coming months looking on Craigslist, pawn shops, and thrift stores. Anyone at the burn is welcome to bring their personal instrument (no sharing of your instrument is necessary), and Community donations are also highly welcomed!

Requested Amount: $150 / $400


Jacob's Ladder

by Ryan Davis aka Weasel

Description of Project: With our original art grant we’ve created a radio station and groovy lounge space for hippies to enjoy the dichotomous nature of a United States Army Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS), surrounded by visual stimuli while relaxing or jamming to our tunes we broadcast live on the radio and inside our lounge. We wish to add an electric arcing Jacob’s ladder because TESLA.

Requested Amount: 207.07


Swing, Swang, Sung

by Evans Manrique

Description of Project:

Requested Amount: 394.12 / 458.91


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