Euphoria 2018 Theme Camps

3 Old Men (101 The Hill)

The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance.

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves.

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it):

• bless the participant

• ask to be blessed by the participant

• offer to struggle with the participant

At the fourth entrance there is no agon, i.e., no blessing and no struggle.

In the center is a temple bell and an altar, upon which Burners may leave or take items that are meaningful to them.

We leave the meaning of this experience open for each participant. We welcome the participation of drummers and other musicians in support of the participants’ journeys. We also provide a space for contemplation and discussion before and after participation.

3rd Aid (308 Boulevard)

Welcome to Third Aid, We run several massage tables for any action hippies in need of repair throughout the event but our availability may vary depending on human factors [this shit's hard work and we are all volunteers]. One way or another our tables and oil are open for anyone to use so if you'd like to swing by and make use of our space feel free.

Alchemy Hills (A Gated Community) (204 Upper Perimeter)

A relaxing Oasis for the discerning hippie.

Ask-A-Kid (206 Boulevard)

We have a kid who wants you to ask him questions. Bring him your silly ones, you're serious ones, questions with answers that could alter your life completely, questions with answers that have zero consequence upon yourself or the rest of the world, bring them ALL!

Barnyard Business (208 Upper Perimeter)

Wild animals domesticated by the Default World migrate to the burn to handle the real business.

Beer, Boobs and Brats (102 Downtown Ave)

We are serving up beer and boobs anytime and brats sometimes. (Boobs will be in various states of undress depending on how people want to radically self express themselves. We always welcome more boobs.)

Black Lodge, The (303 Upper Perimeter)

The Black Lodge will return to Euphoria 2018 with Dr. Jacoby's tiki bar and lounge! Check by the camp for scheduled serving times. We also feature War Stories, a military themed space giving veterans an outlet to express their creative side while sharing stories, music, and drinks in an accepting environment.

Blue Lagoon Labs (404 Upper Perimeter)

It's always Tiki Time at Blue Lagoon Labs! Come visit us under the sea, and we'll fill your cup with a quality rum-based beverage. We may experience occasional bubble-storms or bursts of laughter.

Brownie Brothel, The (402 Upper Perimeter)

”Fuck your waistline,” call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-)

Camp Business Casual (306 Boulevard)

They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

Camp Discordia (202 High St)

If you are reading this, then you are now an Official Discordian Pope! As a Pope, you now have the authority to excommunicate anyone you'd like, including yourself if you don't want to be a Discordian Pope. Hail Eris! Or Don't! Join us for projection-mapped mixes at night and bus painting during the day. Fnord.

Camp Off Comm (210 Upper Perimeter)

everything is Hbomb's fault and last year was better.

Camp PHC (305 Boulevard)




1. Personal Space. 2. Camp PHC originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and The Drunk With Power Hour featuring awful whiskey, and heavy use of camo. 3. Stay Outta My Personal Space.

Camp Pretty Lights (501 Upper Perimeter)

An interplay of pretty lights to entice the mind and entrance the spirit...

Camp Where The Wild Things Are (202 Boulevard)

Even the wildest things need to relax once in a while. Come enjoy our wind tunnel during the hot day, then come back for our trippy lights at night! We also have a swimming pool filled with stuffed animals!

Diplomatic Immunity: The Transformus Embassy (410 Upper Perimeter)

Finally, a place for Transformus refugees!

Donut Shop, The (401 Boulevard)

Delivering delightful donuts daily.

Are you fried? Feeling a little glazed? Have your campmates been cruller? Do you need a well rounded burn experience? Come visit The Donut Shop for a hole new view of your burn. If at first you donut succeed, just keep frying, we’ll have more soon!

Donut delay, come see us today!

Firefly Base Camp (102 Boulevard)

The home of the Steampunk Airship Firefly

Flying Spaghetti Monster (503 Upper Perimeter)

We offer a warm spot around our fire, food, shenanigans, whiskey and bad decisions.

Friendly Neighborhood Queers (102 The Hill)

We open our lovely living room and playful front lawn for every kind of burner to have a comfy place to chill, hang out with other queer burners, and play.

Gothadelic Cat Butthole (106 The Hill)

Straddling the divide between riveted combat boots and blinky rainbow kitty ears, an assemblage of companions refuses to choose, and camps together in perfect oontz and harmony.

Greasy Spoon, The (206 Upper Perimeter)

We'll be frying, griddling, sautéing, and cracking wise at The Greasy Spoon. If you smell something good cooking, you're invited to come eat it. If our fire is lit, you're welcome to come warm yourself up.

Heathen Life (203 Upper Perimeter)

Heathen-bots! Assemble!

Herhisensua (202 Downtown Ave)

Sensual four hand massage and relaxation space

HOKEY (301 Upper Perimeter)

noticeably contrived

Inconceivable! (401 Upper Perimeter)

Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles. A camp based on the Best Movie of All Time, we invite anyone who is brave enough to encounter The Machine, climb The Cliffs of Insanity.. or just have a damn good time.

Little bus (403 Upper Perimeter)

Little school bus that serves grilled cheese

Margaritaville: D20 (302 Boulevard)

Inebriated Adventuring (Don't Die with the Die)

Amusing Games (And Bad Puns)

Good People (Well... Mostly Not Terrible)

Adequate Alcohol (Fancy or Bucket)

Margaritaville: D20 We are a fun loving bunch of nerds. We will be serving terrible margaritas made from the cheapest of bucket of margarita mix and the saddest of tequilas. We host the pub crawl, and are home to Ye Olde Bar, Stick Stables, and the Hail Satin Doe-Mai. We also go on several adventures lead by Wagon Drunk Christine and her fabulous giant D20.

Note: Camp mates are in no way responsible for, or obligated by, the actions of others... Specifically and including permissions granted by TCO. Which is to say, she has no actual authority. Seriously. Even if... “Drunk Christine Said It Was OK!”

Martian Playground (103 Downtown Ave)

Chill lounge with psychedelic projections and quiet beats. Perfect place to stare at the ceiling, utilize a conversation tube, or jump into the cuddle wagon.

My Wife's Rack (304 Boulevard)

Won't you come check out My Wife's Rack and see what strikes your fancy? Come play dress up with us as you peruse our selection of fine fun sexy sparkly shiny sheer bright glamorous colorful flashy gaudy clothing, costumes, accessories, wigs, hats. Our Cinderella rack is full of fabulous finds seeking the perfect fit.

We cut the tags and sizes out of our items (except for vintage!)--to decommodify, because sizes are often wrong, because we unintentionally judge the quality of an item by its brand, to make you reconsider how you think about what you put on your body.

Now offering disguise services! Drop in for a personal consultation and make-over and see how long it takes your campmates to recognize you!

Come check out how fabulous you look in our mirror station. Donations welcome (nothing MOOPy please), and new inventory put out all the time.

PIE- rates (204 Boulevard)

Eat PIE or walk the plank. Yargh! Come visit our BARrrrrgh, shake yer booty to our funky beats, and share in our treasure on our strange school bus vessel.

Pizza Palace (102 Center Camp)

We started offering these glorious coal fired slices of art at To the Moon, a Tennessee burn. We had roughly 40 flatbreads available, with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, garlic, pineapple, arugula, balsamic glaze, fresh mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce as available toppings so we could serve everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. Cooked over a coal burning grill, these tasty treats caused a line up as word spread across the camp! But then the worst happened - we ran out of flatbreads.

This was the highlight of our burn at To the Moon - serving hungry people with a love-crafted burn ready treat, and we want to start offering pizzas on a grander scale with more topping options, more flatbreads (so we can serve more people), and even gluten free options!

Platypus Technology Group (507 Upper Perimeter)

We are the PTC, an intergalactic art collective creating support for the Space Otter Army and their battles against the Mundane Empire and their campaign to press everyone in the universe into the same mold.

Queer Goings On (204 Downtown Ave)

Weird shit. LGBTQ friendly. Nude friendly.

Ra! (408 Upper Perimeter)

Home of the Officially Underfunded and Overworked Weather Team, we are a 100% solar powered camp that offers charging for your small devices (camera, poi, e-cigs...).

Our bright beacons (chandeliers) hang high in the trees to help lost hippies not be quite as lost.

Ra! is a welcoming group of friends, volunteers and burn leaders past and present.

Come play with interactive art and chill.

Brian will have the Letters from Home mailboxes with postcards, come send one to a special someone, or your “”future self””.


Radio Free Alchemy (Off Air) (102 The Plaza)

Radio Free Alchemy is a military themed radio station that provides tunes, weather, news and announcements for the burn. Think MASH or Sgt. Bilko...but with burners....and a radio. We go full force at Alchemy, of course, but for Euphoria we like to take a bit of shore leave and be lazier and slacker than our usual slackness. We will probably still fire up and broadcast occasionally, but this is the more laid back burn for us. Please come by and hang out in our large military tent...we made it a hippy trap, just for you!

Rok and Squiggle's (406 Upper Perimeter)

Soup. Ukulele playing. Face painting. Hair braiding.

Sacrificial Ramen (404 Boulevard)

Quench your thirst and sate your hunger with a cacophony of items that require just boiling water. We'll have hot drinks and all manner of 'instant' foods that take just a little bit of water. We'll be the ones setting up and maintaining the temple throughout the event, come say hi!

Schertz-aide (101 Downtown Ave)

A place of a handful and one Arabian nights! Because a thousand is just too many these days, and we're going to be out parting with everyone else more than we are going to be staying home to tell stories, though we might make a sandwich or two for the occasional traveler.

Shameless (101 The Plaza)

Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT.

SouthTown Compound (201 Upper Perimeter)

SouthTown is a hospitality camp centered on giving people a friendly place to party hard or take a break, making sure they feel welcome. We will be playing an eclectic mix of daytime music, with a heavy emphasis on guilty pleasure songs. After dark we will have a projection mapped DJ booth playing various styles of electronic dance music. This year we will be debuting “Mussel Beech”, a section of camp dedicated to Lifting and WorkingOut. come by a pump out some reps with us, talk diet, and maybe play some games. Competition ideas welcome. impromptu Unicorn Parades happening throughout the weekend.

Strangelove Initiative, The (405 Upper Perimeter)

Chill with TSI for good vibes, excellent people, and good times!

Swing Camp (302 Upper Perimeter)

For the maintenance of Swing Swang Swung

Third Floor Society Presents: Grill and Chill (202 Upper Perimeter)

Everybody's favorite not-so-secret society is back at it again with the white Vans. We're running a scaled-down version of 3Soc this Euphoria, but we still have everything that people have come to expect from the Third Floor: loud-ass hip-hop and electronic music, pretty good assorted meats and/or cheeses, FLAGS, and weird presentations.

Tír na nÓg (103 The Hill)

A chill out spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the burn. Chill in hammocks, relax, and listen to the wind

Traveling Tinker Camp (504 Upper Perimeter)

I bring my Tinker Trailer and pack it with hand tools, drills, saws, nuts & bolts, rope, cord, zip ties, batteries, inverters, soldering irons, tarps, and other doodads that have turned out to be useful over the years. If I'm in camp, I'm usually available to assist! If I go out and about, I leave a whiteboard near the trailer along with a map of the various Alchemy neighborhoods. Just look for the “Tinker Is IN/OUT/SLEEPING” tag and know at a glance if I'm within earshot (or tucked away inside with earplugs in trying to catch a few winks)! If I'm OUT/SLEEPING, leave a note on the whiteboard to tell me what you need and where (what camp/neighborhood), and on my next pass, I'll try to stop by and help. I can be found out of camp on my bike, so if you need me and see me, feel free to flag me down - I may have what you need on my person. *NOTE: New Trailer as of 2017!* I'll be in a pop-up A-frame with an EZ-Up with my usual “Tinker Til It Works” sign.

Weirdos For Hire (505 Upper Perimeter)

Raspberry Pies with LED Lights sync'ed up to music to take your mind and sight on a journey.

Wings and Dreams (104 The Hill)

This camp is a relaxing place to make new friends, share burn stories, and have some laughs. We focus on dreams coming true and promoting good luck, by offering two interactive art pieces: The Dream Weaver Manifestation Station and Ladybug Fan Painting. Come tell us your dreams and make a functional and personal art piece to take with you!

Zentopia (Cuddle Camp) (101 Boulevard)

A beautiful place for your soul where you can become involved in our activities like Yoga, Acro Yoga, Mediation, Cuddling, Dance, Rope Suspension, and authentic relating and tantra with an aim toward connecting our energies with each other beyond our own masks, layers and filters.

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