Euphoria 2018 Theme Camps

Here's a list of theme camps — complete descriptions will be released on Mar 29 along with the placement map.

3 Old Men
3rd Aid
Alchemy Hills (A Gated Community)
Barnyard Business
Beer, Boobs and Brats
Black Lodge, The
Blue Lagoon Labs
Brownie Brothel, The
Camp Business Casual
Camp Discordia
Camp Off Comm
Camp PHC
Camp Pretty Lights
Camp Where The Wild Things Are
Diplomatic Immunity: The Transformus Embassy
Donut Shop, The
Firefly Base Camp
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Friendly Neighborhood Queers
Gothadelic Cat Butthole
Greasy Spoon, The
Heathen Life
Margaritaville: D20
Martian Playground
My Wife's Rack
PIE- rates
Pizza Palace
Platypus Technology Group
Queer Goings On
Radio Free Alchemy (Off Air)
Rok and Squiggle's
Sacrificial Ramen
SouthTown Compound
Strangelove Initiative, The
Swing Camp
Third Floor Society Presents: Grill and Chill
Tír na nÓg
Traveling Tinker Camp
Weirdos For Hire
Wings and Dreams
Zentopia (Cuddle Camp)

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