Euphoria 2017 Theme Camps

Here's a complete list of the theme camps at Euphoria 2017!


3 Old Men [The Middle Ground]

3 Old Men is an installation of an octagonal, multicursal labyrinth. Burners are invited to enter the labyrinth for meditation throughout the burn. During the ritual offered at points during the day, at three of the four exits an officiant (Old Man) offers an agon/experience. Project details can be found at


Alchemy Hills (A Gated Community) [Frontwoods]

Experience the serenity of Alchemy Hills (A Gated Community), a luxury campsite destination for the discerning rustic traveler. HOA members enjoy unlimited acces to all amenities, saltwater pool, and full bar 24 hours per day (some restrictions apply. Saltwater pool option not available at Little Big Jam location. Bar stock, site rules, and HOA fees subject to change without notice).

Applousaville [HeadSpace]

A quiet place for Apples to rest.

Ask-a-kid [The Middle Ground]

You've got problems? Our kids have answers. Come by and get advice from our team of professionally licensed, board certified kid advisers. Family-friendly topics only.


Barnival [The Tongue]

One part bar, one part carnival; come play games and drink with us under our big top dome!

Bitchin' Kitchen [The Tongue]

We're a conglomerate of friends who cook great food and aren't afraid to tell you how it is. We are keeping this year small and simple, most of us are in leadership and plan on staying busy most of the burn.

The Black Lodge [The Tongue]

A bunch of cool folks who are taking a break from doing a serious theme camp but are still camping together and reserve the right to bring something fun if we have a last minute idea.

Blue Lagoon Labs [The Tongue]

Tropical Paradise with quality beverages!

The Broken Drum [The Thumb]

Just a corpulent, unshaven collection of bad habits, marinated in alcohol. Beer and scumble are always flowing at Discworld's ""finest"" pub. The Damsel in Dis Dress clothing exchange materializes, periodically (I don't know, ask the wizards).

The Brownie Brothel [The Middle Ground]

""Fuck your waistline,"" call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. And if ya wanna, let your friendly neighborhood cookie pimps teach you a little brownie-based lesson about how sexy consent can be. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-)


Camp Against Humanity [The Middle Ground]

Camp Against Humanity is known for its gathering of horrible people, bad booze and good advice or good booze and bad advice, and it's no different this time...except actually it is - a little. Our advice won't be scheduled, planned, and will certainly be unsolicited.

Camp Between The Lines [Effigy Bottoms]

Camp Between The Lines is one half of Discordia Village. We provide a comfortable chill space for burners to recharge themselves while enjoying projector-mapped shows at night and impromptu live art performances.

Camp Khaos [The Thumb]


Camp of the Flying Spaghetti Monster [The Middle Ground]

Come be touched by his noodly appendage!

Camp Off Comm [The Middle Ground]

everything is ghini's fault and last year was better.

Camp PHC [The Thumb]


1. Personal Space. 2. Camp PHC is a close-knit group of burners who originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and Pantera Power Hour featuring awful whiskey, heavy use of camo, and the eventual return of the Party Hard Cart. 3. Stay Outta My Personal Space.

Camp Pretty Lights [The Middle Ground]

Come, be dazzled by our Pretty Lights. Shadowbox with friends both new and old. Swing from a lyra. Tumble into a cuddle puddle. Dance around a pole. Undulate around a blaze. Grab an elixir from the bardo. Spin fire to hot music. Dances with bellies and beats of native drums. We are an original all-purpose hippie trap and beacon of luminescence.

Camp Sick Fuks [Effigy Bottoms]

Our space port will have a galactic lounge with bar and hydration station. It will also include a far out chill space. So, stop by and let your inner Sick Fuk out to play!

CampDama [The Middle Ground]

Kendama! its extreme ball in a cup! come learn a new skill and hone your hand eye-coordination. kendama has been known to help with focus, anxiety, and spacial awareness. we'll be teaching kendama and playing some games. we're also bringing a really fun new skill toy from Japan called a Kururin, come find out what that weird name is! Its our third burn , and were coming back bigger and better than ever. come see what its all about.


Education Camp [Effigy Bottoms]

The camp where education staff put their stuff


Flying Fuck [Effigy Bottoms]

Some drunken party hippies who wanna play with fire.

Friendly Neighborhood Queers [The Thumb]

We open our lovely living room and playful front lawn for every kind of burner to have a comfy place to chill, hang out with other queer burners, and play.


Gothidellic [The Tongue]

Straddling the divide between riveted combat boots and blinky rainbow kitty ears, an assemblage of companions refuses to choose, and camps together in perfect oontz and harmony.


Heathen Life [The Thumb]

Heathen - An uncultured or uncivilized person. (see also: philistine)

Come revel with us, an unruly horde of polytheistic hedonists, as we welcome spring and rejoice in the upcoming mystery of tomorrow's warmth.

We provide a space for conversation and revelry, fueled by cheap alcohol, questionable music and bad advice.

HOKEY [The Tongue]

noticeably contrived


The Infamous Gypsies [The Middle Ground]

Back by unpopular demand The Infamous Gypsies! We are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world! This is a place for the outcast, rebels, pirates, wayward wanderers, gypsies, thespians, ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME CAMP WITH US! Don't let a hipster tell you ain't a real gypsy... Well duh, you ain't a real lumberjack!


Margaritaville: D20 [The Middle Ground]

Inebriated Adventuring (Don't Die with the Die)
Amusing Games (And Bad Puns)
Good People (Well... Mostly Not Terrible)
Adequate Alcohol (Fancy or Bucket)

Margaritaville: D20 We are a fun loving bunch of nerds who believe it's five o'clock somewhere. We will be serving terrible margaritas made from the cheapest of bucket mixes and the saddest of tequilas. We also go on several adventures lead by Wagon Drunk Christine and her fabulous giant inflatable D20.

Note: Camp mates are in no way responsible for, or obligated by, the actions of others... Specifically and including permissions granted by TCO. Which is to say, she has no actual authority. Seriously. Even if... ""Drunk Christine Said It Was OK!"


NeverLand [The Middle Ground]

The camp next door! Come chill around the fire or play the lights on our LightUitar! We have a community mural that needs YOUR touch! Looking to relax? Hop into our Cuddle Puddle and have a nap and a cuddle! We have chill music 24/7 and good vibes to spare, hope to see you there! Want to try your hand at DJing? bring your setup and come play!


Pirate Kitty Cuddle Dome [The Thumb]

Pirate Kitty Cuddle Dome

Platypus Technology Group [The Middle Ground]

We are the Platypus Technology Group, an intergalactic art collective creating support for the Space Otter Army in their battles against the Mundane Empire and their campaign to crush out creativity and fun throughout the universe.

Puns and Somantics [The Middle Ground]

We like bad jokes and word play.


Ra! [The Middle Ground]

The one GOD, the SUN GOD, Ra, Ra, Ra! We are a 100% solar powered camp that offers charging of small devices (phone, camera, poi, e-cigs...). If you get lost onsite, look for the bright chandelier(s) - which hang high in the trees to get your bearings. We are hosting several art projects and events this time around, including: Postcards from Home & the Future, Hells Bells, and our 2nd Proper VIP Tea Party on the Lawn.

Rok and Squiggle's intergalactic space port and beauty emporium [The Middle Ground]

Beautification & Soup.

The Rubáiyát [Effigy Bottoms]

The live music venue of the Discordian! Neighborhood


Sangria & Popsicles [The Thumb]

Just what it sounds like, we'll be wandering around offering Sangria & Popsicles!

Satellite Camp [The Tongue]

This is a bedroom camp. Used for personal quiet and relaxation.

Say Hi and Keep Walking [The Thumb]

We do stuff and things. The artists formerly known as Camp Condom Fairy.

Section 8 (WRFA Off-Air) [The Thumb]

It looks like it's Shore Leave for those crazy folk over at WRFA. The Radio Free Alchemy folk will be here and hanging out and relaxing and you're invited to come hang out with us. We won't be broadcasting, but we'll still be playing music and we'll be bringing the big tent for people to come hang out, relax, carouse, and chill.

Shameless [The Thumb]

shame•less /ˈShāmlis/ adjective 1. (of a person or their conduct) having or showing no feeling of shame, modesty, or decency; brazen; audacious; 2. Insensible to disgrace; 3. Showing no shame

Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT.

Special Offerings:

  • WISH LIST – A Shameless original! Ever had something you “wished” would happen at a burn? Want to meet a guy/gal? Want to meet up with other spinners? Other lonely burners? Come by Shameless and make your entry on our wish board or just come by and check it out and see if you want to help make someone’s wish come true.
  • Awesome Sauce / Hippie Juice – Drink specialties offered at Camp Shameless. Availability will depend on our sobriety! Awesome Sauce is a mixture of passion fruit rum, peach vodka, orange juice, and pineapple. Hippie Juice is a concoction made from watermelon vodka, triple sec, coconut rum, strawberries and lemonade. We will also have our signature Shameless Shots …. But you have to stop by to see what’s in those!

Sleepy Fox Tea House [The Middle Ground]

A place to rest and rehydrate.

Strange customs prevail [The Tongue]

Come by for a laugh and good company at strange customs prevail. Small chill space open to all.


Third Aid [The Middle Ground]

We offer a space for relaxation along with several massage tables for any action hippies in need of some repair. Swing by and get some love and feel free to make use of our oil and tables yourself to help us clear the queue!.

Tír na nÓg [Frontwoods]

Escape into the woods for a nap in the magical land of Tír na nÓg. Nap in a hammock as birds sing and the wind rocks you to sleep. Let the fairy lights guide to us at night, or escape the heat of the day as you enter our calming realm. Take off your boots and sleep a spell


Vampire Lights [Frontwoods]

LED and EL wire BDSM demos


War Stories [HeadSpace]

A safe haven for veterans and all people looking to relax while talking about life. We encourage people suffering from traumatic experiences, PTSD, or who just want to sit back with a cold drink and chat.

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