Diversity of Bamboo

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Diversity of Bamboo


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Description of Project

I started working with bamboo to build bee hotels for a land trust for whom I work. Then with the excess bamboo I started to experiment with what else I could make: musical instruments, placards for signage, decoration, and noise makers, to name a few. My goal is to share this biodegradable, sustainable, renewable resource with the burn and show how we can all create these structures for our gardens while providing homes for bees. In addition to the small sculptures I will bring (app. 20-30) to place around the burn, I also would like to do a workshop on building hotels for bees. Each piece will have a tag attached to it (LNT) which encourages burners to take it home with them after a specified time/date.


Community Involvement

It will provide signage for Placement (whom I have already contacted), decoration, and musical opportunities for the beautiful people, and inspiration for helping our apian friends.



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Requested Minimum:  $100.00

Requested Maximum: $100.00

Budget: https://goo.gl/POR62p

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