CampDama 2: The KENtastic adventure

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Project Name:

CampDama 2: The KENtastic adventure


Artist Name:

Corey Foster

Description of Project

CampDama started last year at Euphoria as a way to share something I'm passionate about with the community. Between Euphoria and Alchemy last year we taught and gave away over 100 kendamas. A Japanese wooden skill toy, an extreme ball in a cup if you will. It's been shown to improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, reflexes, and help ease anxiety. It's also fun and a bit addictive.

Last year we were lucky enough catch a company going out of business and could bring you so many awesome kendamas to play. Well we can't always be that lucky. So this year we're reaching out to independent companies to put a little support into CampDama. And wer'e reaching out to you guys. With your help we will be able to bring even more damas, some new skill toys, and hopefully a BIG surprise. With my community of dama players and you awesome burners we should be able to bring the most fun and worthwhile while bringing both of our communities into a positive light.

We want to bring this to you for the joy, for the love spread for something new . Sometimes at burns we forget to take time to grow and we wanna give you something to grow in.

Community Involvement

This project is almost 100% community involvement. From the moment we set up camp were showing people something new. were engaging anyone and everyone .
In our planning, I'm hoping to engage another small community to be interested in our spirit and principles, if not our events also. The Kendama community has always pushed the ideals of gifting and commodification only where necessary. The Gift of a new passion and new joy is one of the best things we can give our world. and that's what CampDama strives to do.
Beyond the Burns, this year were planning to bring CampDama out into our everyday community. With events around Atlanta in public parks and public places, giving out kendamas and encouraging self starting and learning.



Were very excited to bring this project back to another burn. If you got hooked at a previous burn or just play on your own, we'd love to have you help teach and come spread the joy at CampDama! Thanks to everyone for making this fun enough to want to do again!


Requested Minimum:  $396.00

Requested Maximum: $601.04


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