Burning Picket Fences

Artist Name
Jim "Geek" Peacock

Description of Project
We're going to build a fence out of picket signs, and then burn it.

Participants through the burn (while supplies last) take a sign typical to protesters/picketers and write their slogan / decorate as desired. These will be pounded into the ground to make a fence of picket signs.

At designated burn time the picket fence will be taken down and we'll march while brandishing our picket signs to the designated burn scar where we'll pile them up and burn them.

Community Involvement
The signs will be created by the community and will be topical to what's important to them. These will be a growing art display through the burn. The picket parade to the burn scar should be a hoot. Everybody will be chanting different slogans and we'll encourage onlookers to join in. If there is interest in a longer parade it would be cool to have this snake through the burn.

Requested Minimum: $177.17

Requested Maximum: $347.22

Final Funding:  $177.17

Link to budget: https://goo.gl/oZDtjc

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