Brownie Brothel

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Project Name: Brownie Brothel

Artist Name: Jana Earnhardt

Description of Project

The Brownie Brothel is back in full force for Euphoria after a wildly successful Alchemy. We’re ready to bring you a heaping helping of steamy, new creations mixed with past favorites. All we need is enough cash dough to keep the cookie dough on our super-hot baking sheets. Many have tasted (or feasted) on our wide variety of all-from-scratch baked delights ranging from gourmet brownies, to themed cupcakes, to fancy cookies, even to savory muffins. We adhere to the highest standards of culinary and carnal excellence to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur. Additionally, our full-service Sexy Brownie Experience is returning on Friday and Saturday to offer brownie-based lessons on just how hot and provocative consent can be. We aim to maintain a constant supply of sugary desserts throughout the burn to keep up with every heart’s desire. We produced over fifty batches of baked items for Alchemy, but top-quality ingredients aren’t cheap and, while we do our best to gift our own resources, feeding a hoard of lascivious burners is no mean feat. As such, we look to our community to assist in procuring ingredients to keep that sensual sugar flowing all burn long.

Community Involvement

You do not have to be a member of our theme camp to bake with us! Do you love to bake? Do you want to share your passion for dessert with your fellow participants? We can help. Join the Brownie Brothel Facebook Group to find out how you can get involved!

In the past, we have teamed up with other theme camp to offer brownie-based experiences. More recently, our addition of our full-service Sexy Brownie allows for a more interactive experience in partaking in our baked goods.

We spread our love of baked goods right down to the greeter’s station. The Brownie Brothel typically does a theme camp greeter/education volunteer shift where we offer delicious baked goods to participants right as they enter the event. What better way to welcome participants home than with some amazing baked concoctions?!


"Non-fire Safety Concerns
Possibly the most significant safety concern for the Brownie Brothel is accidental consumption of allergens. We do our best to offer a variety of desserts to cater to a range of tastes and dietary needs. While we bake vegan, gluten free, nut-free, and even kosher offerings, we also make plenty of desserts with wheat flour, cream, nuts, and even bacon. As such, clearly labeling our baked goods takes high priority so no participant accidentally sinks their teeth into something for which they didn’t bargain. We have a system of specially-sized containers for use with the brownie bar. before opening and inserting into the bar, each container is labeled with a specialized tag listing the name of the dessert, who baked it, and any possible allergens it may contain. Through proper labeling, we can make sure every participant gets what they want, and nothing that might interfere with their dietary restrictions.

A note about the budget- An inherent part of the Brownie Brothel concept is leaving artistic choice up to the baker. As such, this art grant specifically does not list specific recipes we plan to offer. However, to make the budget work, we offer a single example recipe to give an idea of an average cost per batch and then have requested funding for multiple batches based on that average cost, with the understanding that we will offer a range of desserts whose cost will vary slightly. This agreement was struck with the Art Team prior to the design of this budget.

Help us bake! We accept submissions to the brownie bar from all comers, regardless of skill level. Find us on Facebook:

non-food items and items we supply:
more sleeves
cookware, kitchen, ovens, etc, etc, etc

Requested Minimum:  $110.00

Requested Maximum: $220.00


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