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Welcome to the Euphoria 2016 Art Blog!  We'll be posting new articles every day to let you know more about the funded art projects heading your way at Lavender Farms on April 28!

4/26/16: Infinite Video (2 more days!)

To Infinity and Beyond!  

Infinite Us lit up Alchemy 2015 and now Infinite Video is on its way to this Euphoria.  A twist on his pentagon shaped eight-foot-tall doll box with mirrored interior, this burn his project will feature several monitors playing video that will reflect endlessly.

Artist Randy Burnett is no stranger to burns or bigger art projects.  His Infinite Us Platform is coming back for its third burn appearance.  A large raised wooden platform, its a perfect place to spin poi or fire, dance, put on a show, or hang out.   

Camp Pretty Lights will be hosting these projects this burn along with previously funded project Alex Mizell’s Magnificent Mood Machine.  Find them on the Placement Map.  The Art Strolls will be going by these awesome projects, so join us at the Connexus tent on either Friday or Saturday at 2:00pm.  

We’re down to the wire.  Still trying to figure out the whole packing thing?  Not really sure what to expect?  Don’t Panic.  Check out the Survival Guide and What to Bring page for pointers.  With the move to the new property, there have been some changes.  For example, there will not be a First Aid stage available as there had been in previous burns.  Of course paramedics will still be onsite in case of emergencies, but no more will the Org be providing band aids and such.  Radical Self Reliance!  Remember:  a prepared burner is a happy burner!  

See you at Euphoria!

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4/25/16: Spindozer Glitterbomb (Still 3 more days)

Some hippies just want to see the world Glittered.  

In the name of all things glitter, burners Zeus and ‘C’ proudly present funded art project Spindozer Glitterbomb!  Combining several plastic containers with different mixtures, the jars will be mounted on a moving frame that can be manipulated and viewed from all sides including from the comfort of a camp blanket underneath it.  The churning combinations of water, glitter and other materials create an ever changing kaleidoscope.  Take it for a spin during the day and come back at night to see it lit up by LEDs.  

From hobby to gifting to funded art project, Spindozer Glitterbomb was inspired by the crafting of ‘C.’  She creates jars full of unique sparkling mixtures that can be shaken for a lava lamp effect.  These pieces are not only shimmeringly beautiful, their captivating visuals are perfect for focused meditation or breathing exercises and have been successful in helping anxiety and stress.  Powered by your hand, there are no noisy distractions made by this project.  Give it a spin and see if you can spot the jellyfish shapes among the swirls.  

Visionary ‘C’ and artist Zeus appreciated the space to work provided by Matt Maddox, Katherine Bryant, Cheeto, and Penny.  A friend who has not even attended a burn, Nick Moates, has been lending his manual labor to the project.  Zeus is a veteran funded artist and many will remember his project Fungal Bloom, an LED lit sculpture found at the Society of Sensation at previous Euphorias. ‘C’ has been to a few regional burns and she’s getting into leadership volunteering now.  Spindozer Glitterbomb is her first funded project.  Come get to know her, help her find her burn name, and give the Glitterbomb a whirl by coming to camp No Key.  You can find more videos and images of their projects on their instagrams @morris.matt and @burningkitten.


At the burn, several other art projects are waiting for you.  Some of them are participating in the Art Scavenger Hunt where participating burners can collect unique swag.  There are two Art Strolls being conducted, one on Friday and one on Saturday, at 2pm leaving from the Connexus tent.  See you there!

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4/25/16: Puzzle Quest Returns (3 more days)

Puzzle Quest Returns to Euphoria 2016!

Scattered throughout the Lavender Farm, pieces of the puzzle are waiting to be found.  Each bit a individually created work of art that comes together forming a 49-foot square revealing a massive mural.  

The original Puzzle Quest made its debut during that fateful Alchemuddy 2015.  Despite the nasty weather, many burners thoroughly enjoyed seeking out the pieces and hanging out at the covered puzzle platform as it came together.  Inspiring participation and creating opportunities for burners to meet each other, you could find the pieces hidden throughout the event including at several theme camps.  Funded artist Alyse Longenecker wanted to bring it back for more (hopefully less muddy) burns.  She’s already planning the future of Puzzle Quest and you’ll see it later this year at Alchemy 2016.  

Not escaping the MudBeast unscatched, Alyse had to repaint over damage by the elements and recreate some of the puzzle after it was burned with the Effigy by thoughtless burners.  Other pieces had to be recovered after some people decided to claim them.  That had not been part of the vision for this project and it meant that no one had the chance to complete the puzzle.  Let’s make sure we can not only finish Puzzle Quest this burn, but it can continue coming back for more events!  

Like so many great burn projects, this one took a team.  Alyse had the welcomed help of Chris Molnar and his father Dale.  Long hours of painting and wood cutting came together to make this experience.  You’ll find Puzzle Quest Returns located in the Effigy field with many more projects.  

Our artists make up a huge part of the burn experience.  From creating the Effigy or Temple to community funded art projects to theme camp or individually created pieces, inspiration and creativity saturate it.  With just days until Euphoria, the city is already coming together and final touches being put on the projects.  Happy Burn!

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4/24/16: Stagger Sticks (4 days more...)

From the artist who brought you The Chimes of Silent Hill comes a new funded art project.  

Bringing together art and the land, Stagger Sticks invites burners to decorate their own sticks to take home as a momento.  Go out and find your wizard staff, magic wand, or walking stick and bring it to camp Ra.  If the ‘Studio Now Open’ sign is out, then come on in.

Funded artist Jen has been making these beauties with her camp for a while now.  They’d all bring some craft supplies, find a neat stick somewhere on Cherokee Farm, and create unique pieces to remember their burns with.  Now they want to share that with the community.  Mostly available during the day, Jen or her campmates will be leading workshops for you to decorate your own stick found on the Lavender Farm.   Wraps, feathers, trinkets, and other odd bits will be on hand.  

A Jen of all Trades, she creates mixed media work from found objects like the robot pictured below.  Some of her donated work has been auctioned off at previous Alchemy Fundraisers.  Her and best friend, camp Ra co-founder Brian, are among the most awesome of action hippies.  They’ve jumped into build weekends and helped with several Effigies and Temples.  Second time funded artist and long time burner Jen has lead Rangers for 3 years after diving into the team on her second burn.

We need more action hippies!  Online volunteer signups are closed now, but once you get onsite you can head over to Connexus to find out where you are needed most!  Our burns are still growing, but these events are completely run by volunteers only.  They will be as awesome as you help make them.  

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4/22/16: Octoplatform (6 days...)

Roiling black overhead erupting in an onslaught of torrential downpours, giving rise to a terror that threatened to wipe out everything in its path.  

But it found defiance.    

The MudBeast of Alchemy 2015 did its best to devour Octoplatform.  It weathered the onslaught and funded artist Quinn Allgood recovered the wreckage.  They have resurrected the kraken and Octoplatform will rise again at Euphoria 2016.  

The project is an eight foot wide octagonal platform topped with cushy foam and decorated with fabric covered tentacles.  A new sturdy shade structure will go over it and lights strung up for easy visibility at night.  Burners can congregate and relax in the embrace of a giant octopus.  

Euphoria has several returning projects and previously funded artists.  Infinite Us & Infinite Video by Randy Burnett, Burn Battle Bots & Odey the Singing Monster by Loki & Justin, artist Memento Moebius, The Black Lodge by David Passmore, and the 3 Old Men Labyrinth by Old Man Dale to name just a few.  Check out all the registered art on the Placement Map.   

The burn is just a week away!  Need some tips for what to expect on the new land or things to remember to pack?  Try the Euphoria Survival Guide or Euphoria 2016 News.  Happy Burn!

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4/21/16: Road Signs (ONE WEEK, YOU GUYS!)

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

As a public service, Chris Molnar’s funded art project Road Signs burnifies the typical street signs and makes them something more than just stop, yield or pedestrian crossings.  A little for the laughs.  A little for the need for landmarks on such a huge property.  Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Hand painted on anodized aluminium with exterior paint, you’ll find them dotted throughout the Lavender Farm visible from the walkways, roads, and bridges.  One of these signs will be marked for participation in the Art Scavenger Hunt and highlighted during the Art Walk.   

Chris was inspired by burner created the road name signs made for Alchemy 2015.  With encouragement from friend and fellow burner Alyse Longecker, the project was born.  These signs are built to last and plans are to expand them for Alchemy later this year.  Have an idea for a sign?  You can contact Chris at    

Road Signs marks his first foray into Funded Art territory, but Euphoria 2016 marks the fourth burn for Chris.  This introverted artist uses his projects to connect with the community.  Growing up with his father teaching him stained glass crafting and going on to formal art education, this artist has a wide range of talents and aspires to be a book illustrator.

There are so many ways to connect with the burn.  Some use their art to reach out or hosting awesome through their theme camp, but none of that could happen without the dedicated volunteers.  This Friday April 22nd (TOMORROW) the volunteer system will be locked and then you’ll have to sign up for shifts onsite.  Some of our teams are really in need of a few people to step up to grab just one shift.  Rangers are at 50% filled, Tranquility Base is at 30%, Exodus is at a measly 5%, and Perimeter is hurting with only 22% shifts filled.  Remember, if we don’t have those perimeter shifts filled then we cannot burn the Effigy!  Never volunteered for those teams before?  Never fear!  There’s onsite training available!  Swag and appreciation await you!  Jump over to the Volunteer Signup Page to snatch up your shift!

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4/20/16: Recycled Life (8 days to go!)

Bursting into life rises the Phoenix.

Destined to return to ashes but with the hope of life yet to come.


Recycled Life brings one artist's struggle of profound healing to Euphoria 2016.  On Thursday of the burn, an Egg glowing with tribal markings will be placed on the grounds of the Lavender Farm.  A representation of the Phoenix will hatch forth the next day.  The culmination of the project will be Friday night with an Art Burn.  

Funded artist Jenny Hall found her inspiration on a path that took her through the darkness of losing a child to the unthinkable.  Twelve years ago, her then 5 month old daughter lost her life at her father’s hands.  Pregnant with her second daughter and mired in courtroom horror, Jenny fell into depression that nearly took her own life.  She found a powerful symbol of renewal and growth in the mythological Phoenix and began her healing.  It has been a long hard battle that she continues to fight every day.  But she survived.  Every day she sees hope and life reemerge.     

Knowing that so many others grapple with their own demons, Jenny wanted to share and heal with Euphoria.  Connect with the Phoenix by writing your own words on strips to tie to it or paint your art on it.  These messages will be carried away and turned to ash when fire gel is applied to the structure during the art burn.  They are planning on a DJ to play and are coordinating fire spinners to participate.  Embrace the beauty of the temporary and find release from the ashes.

Art projects and healing both have something in common:  It’s easier when you have support.  Jenny has been grateful for the help of Chip Carter in planning Recycled Life, Shane McLaughlin with brainstorming, and Ash and Ashta Monogue for helping her overcome her self consciousness of her idea.

This Euphoria marks Jenny’s first Burnerversary!  Burner and friend Heather Bubbles invited her to check it out and she camped with Flying Fuck.  Falling in love with the energy and finding new friends, she became part of camp Shitty Cult for Alchemy 2015.  The MudBeast of Alchemy tried to beat her down, but seeing her fellow burners rise above it have her courage and she came out stronger than ever.  Jenny is already kicking around ideas for future art burns.  


Have your own inspiration?  Want to submit a funded art project for Alchemy 2016 Decadence?  Check out the 2016 Fundraiser Info and stay tuned for proposal callouts.  Have questions?  The 2015 Callout has all the information from last year or you can email      

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4/19/16: Yum Yum Delivery Service (9 days to go!)

Theme camps and art projects and pretty lights and OH let’s go see the Effigy and have you seen Temple yet and I hear there’s a big old tree called the Giving Tree and… and…

When did I get so hungry and thirsty?


Never fear!  Funded Art Project The Yum Yum Delivery Service is here!

With everything that is going on at a burn, it can sometimes be easy to forget to grab a snack and some water.  Daniel and his Delivery crew aim to share the culinary prowess of the burn with hungry hippies.  Coordinating with camps already planning on offering big meals, they’ll be making the rounds with donated food items.  He’s also making around 100 meals both vegan and carnivore friendly.  Daniel’s signature Yum Yum pasta sauce with also be available.  They’ll be providing meals throughout the day with breakfast from 8 to 10am, lunch from 2 to 4pm, and dinner from 6 to 8pm.  To commemorate this inaugural launching of the delivery service, Daniel is working making t-shirts happen with sweet logos.

Veteran funded artists Jake the Dog with Camp of OOO and Michael Kim with the Tentacle Brothers Ramen Cart are already working with the Yum Yum Delivery Service.  Camps who want to participate, Delivery Wizards who want to sign up, detail oriented Action Hippies who can help with coordination and planning, or the curious burner can join the Yum Yum Delivery Service Facebook group!

Daniel noticed that his camp very often ended up making entirely too much food and he wanted to end the waste.  Tapping into the 10 Principles, he decided to up the Participation, Communal Effort and Leave No Trace.  Inspired to share more with the burn and find new ways to take an active role in the burn, Yum Yum delivery Service was born.

Since his virgin burn to Alchemy 2014, Daniel has brought his gifts of fire spinning, massages, and delicious food to the community.  Not to be deterred by the Mudbeast of Alchemy 2015, he fell in love with the hard working dedication of his fellow burners.  Theme camps Incendia, the Nameless City, Giggle Dome and ABC each gave him magical experiences and excellent people to spend them with.  Yum Yum Delivery Service is Daniel's first funded art project, but it plays perfectly into his love of logistics in making things happen.


Are you a burner who likes to make things happen?  Feel the need to explore those 10 Principles and check out the fantastic variety that is the burn?

Well we need your help making the burn happen!  Picking up just one shift would make a world of difference and make Euphoria 2016!  So if you haven’t signed up yet, jump over to the Volunteer Page to snatch up your shift. 

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4/14/16: Hammock City (14 days to go!)

A whole new property to explore.

Acres and acres greet the curious visitors to Oh! La La Lavender Farm and the vast tract of pine forest dubbed the Hinterlands hide many secrets.  

The adventuresome will discover more than camping in those trees.  Hammock City hangs ready for the foot weary or seeker of peace in nature.  This vision of Action Hippie and funded artist FaerieNymph started after a long day of volunteering on the property.  She found herself in the middle of the pines.  Thickly planted and towering far above, this was the perfect sanctuary to build her city.

More than a few colorful fabrics anchored to trees, Hammock City hosts art, random flow jams, flow and yoga classes, and dreamcatcher building. Burners can bring some found nature and create a unique piece to remember the first Euphoria on this property.  Some supplies for the basics will be available.


It's pretty hard to tackle big projects alone.  Like everything else about a burn, a team of action hippies are making this a reality.  Sam Rose has been helping to build this project, Taz will be teaching yoga classes, Eric Schneider is leading dreaming catcher workshops, and Jen Reid is creating artwork.  

FaerieNymph had been invited to burns so many times, but never thought it would be for her until she attended Alchemy 2014.  She fell in love with the community, especially her burn family at camp Queers Next Door.  Try as it might have to thwart a good time, the Mud Beast of Alchemuddy 2015 could not destroy this burner’s spirit.  Wearing only a shibari rope, FaerieNymph was pushing cars out of the mud and loving every minute.  

All the bestest burners volunteer!  Folks to greet people as they come in and start acclimating virgins.  Folks to pitch in to clean up trash and throw shame on the dirty MOOPers.  Folks to stand perimeter for the burns because without them we cannot burn anything!  Veterans or virgins, we need you!  Just one little shift.  One shift gives you a new look at the burns, more of our community to meet, a start on getting that coveted name of Action Hippie, and a unique piece of swag to remember it all with.  Have you snatched up your shift yet?  Don’t be shy!  Head over to the new Volunteer page to sign in and sign up!  Questions?  Ask

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4/13/16: Burning Picket Fences



Get your march on with Geek’s funded art project Burning Picket Fences this Euphoria!  

Grab a sign and throw your own slogan or graphic on it.  The signs will be set up as a picket fence of protest.  Come Saturday, burners can brandish the signs in a parade and call out their cause.  At the end of their march, the signs will go up in flames.  Geek found his inspiration in clever counter protest signs and now he wants to see what you can come up with!  

Burning Picket Fences is Geek’s first funded art project but he’s no stranger to the burns or Art.  During mud ridden Alchemy 2015, he served up hot grits and greens with Pecan for her funded project Likker of Life at the serving station they set up at the Art Hub.  Now during Euphoria Pecan and fellow Camp TBI member Rose will be stepping up to help this project happen.  The Art is strong with Geek and he’s already forging the beginnings of future projects.  

For the first time since they started burning, Geek and Pecan are finally going to get to see the Effigy burn this Euphoria!  Why haven’t they got to see it together yet?  Because they are amazing action hippies that volunteer to help make these events happen!  Without dedicated burners like them, there would be no burn!  If every burner picked up just one volunteer shift, there wouldn’t be enough shifts to go around.  But that never happens.  A tiny percentage of folks end up volunteering all of their time away.  Let’s help these hard working volunteers have time to enjoy the burn as much as the rest of us do!  Jump over to the Volunteer page to snatch up a shift or two.  Rewards include getting to meet some of the best burners and getting some sweet swag.  

We’ll see you at the picket lines this Euphoria!  

Need to get in touch with the Art Team?

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4/11/16: Alternative Synergy Kite Farm

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring!

With your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds, connect with the wonder that colors the skies with Laura’s funded art project Alternative Synergy Kite Farm.  A fantastic collection of easy-­to­-fly single line kites await the slightest breeze to climb into the atmosphere.  Great rainbowed schools of fish and billowing whales test the limits of their string alongside the tinkling of wind chimes and a swell of fabric.  While this spectacle captivates the eye, placards arranged nearby will entertain your mind with little known facts like the Colonials using kites to lure turkeys in for the Thanksgiving hunts.  

The kites will be anchored among art keyed for the winds.  Burners are invited to take the strings themselves and guide the ocean life themed aerial displays.  Many of the kites will fly with no hand steering them, leaving those who would like to sprawl in the open field and take in the view free to enjoy.  Even if the wind doesn’t cooperate, there are small fluttering petals that will dance with little breeze.   

Artist Laura brought her inspiration for this project all the way from her beach-side youth in Florida.  There the wind became a catalyst for surfers, sailors, and kite flyers to take advantage of the weather and find their own freedom.  Coming to her first burn at Euphoria 2013 found her in awe of the winds that lifted her camp’s shade structure and sent it tumbling down Silent Hill.  Those hills begged for a kite and since then Laura made sure she had several with her.  One Alchemy, she was flying a stunt kite in high winds.  Some of her burn friends came stumbling up to lay under her kite as she sent it zipping and dive-­bombing.  Casting the fast flyer as a demon from the pond, they threw ‘spells’ at it and somersaulted down the hill.  

Laura really appreciates the community support she has gotten for her first funded art project.  Have a great idea that you want to bring to Alchemy this year?  Check out the 2015 Callout for some pointers or the 2016 Fundraiser Event info.  You can also reach out to the Fundraiser Team by emailing

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