Alternative Synergy Kite Farm

Artist Name
Laura Levy

Description of Project
"Short synopsis:

Come fly with us at the Alternative Synergy Kite Farm! Our take on the Topsy-Turvy Laboratory theme is to turn Euphoria's world upside-down and take burners' fun to the sky with a collection of easy-to-fly, professional single line kites! Even in the lightest of breezes, this collection of aquatic creatures will soar, dance, and dive with you at the end of their strings. Come help a fallen whale back up into the sky, or relax in the field-space while colorful suspended fish wind art wriggle in the breeze, colorful fabrics wave, and wind chimes sing. Nothing feels quite so good as a kite tugging at your arm, while the warm sun smiles down on your face. Let the tumultuous and raucous joys of the burn melt away into the peaceful dance between you and the wind. It isn't all fun and games, though, this is a working kite farm! You'll also have an educational experience learning about the peaceful kite inhabitants of the farm through helpful placards. For example, did you know that kites were once used by early settlers to attract turkeys, which would then be hunted for food? Colonial kites were up for weeks to provide enough turkeys for the first Thanksgiving dinner!

Our vision is to have the Alternative Synergy Kite Farm be a staple of Euphoria and Alchemy for many years to come.

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Detailed description:

There is an old saying that "To hold the strings of a kite, is to hold the wind in your hands". I have over two decades of experience flying stunt kites, but the simple single lined kite is still my go-to for a beautiful day outdoors. There's something meditative and inspiring in holding the strings of a kite that soars easily overhead. Cherokee Farms was a great place to fly, but I'm even more excited about our new location! A kite farm is a great use for all that beautiful open space Euphoria's new home has to offer. In past years at Euphoria and Alchemy, I have shared my love of kites by letting burners fly my small collection. For this art project, I will be bringing back my collection of single line kites and I am seeking funds through this proposal to acquire more to maximize the number of people that can participate. To really turn our world upside-down in our Topsy-Turvy Laboratory, these kites will follow an underwater theme with sharks, whales, jellyfish, fish, otters, and even a pirate ship soaring overhead. I am using my expertise and years of experience with kites to make sure I am picking the right kites that will fly even in the lightest of breezes. All of these kites can be anchored and fly on their own without human assistance, and some will even self-launch themselves from the ground if they happen to fall. However, our kite farm is always looking for new hands to take the strings and keep our kite residents occupied. May is generally a windy and tempestuous month for Georgia, and I expect the winds to be more than enough to keep all of these kites soaring.

However, in the case of periods of very low wind, this kite farm also will feature wind art that only needs the smallest of breezes to play. In addition to having the kites overhead, I am proposing to make dozens of wind-art “droplets” that flutter and change direction in the wind (see imgur album for pictures). These will be mounted in the ground using bailing wire and scattered throughout the space. I am also proposing to place colorful "swimmer" fishes throughout the kite farm. These wind-art objects have a life-like wriggle to them in the breeze and are mesmerizing to watch. They stake into the ground on small poles and are self-suspending. Additionally, dozens of colorful pinwheels will also adorn our space. And, of course, no kite farm would be without wind chimes for some wind-generated music.

To add some educational value (and to also reduce tripping hazards of staked out kites) informational placards, such as those you'd find in a museum or butterfly garden, will give you ridiculous BUT ABSOLUTELY TRUE information about the kites flying above your head. Learn about kite natural history, kite science, and other fun kite facts! This budget includes provisions to make these weather-proof placards and stanchions.

Raised funds for this project will go towards making and buying wind art (e.g., kites, swimmers, windchimes), the informational placards, and some infrastructure (e.g., anchors, PVC). The minimum budget describes what I will need to make the wind-art “droplets”, informational placards, other ground wind-art, and purchase more kites to allow more people to fly. The maximum budget includes items that would make this kite farm a much more dynamic and interactive space with even more kites for people to fly, more wind-spinners and art, and wind-chimes."

Community Involvement
"Wide open spaces and fields are beautiful features at any burn, but sometimes these places are under-utilized or their uses aren't so clear. As you can imagine, the sky is also an often overlooked space at burns. The Alternative Synergy Kite Farm is a perfect answer to both of these problems!

Kites love open spaces where straight-line winds keep them aloft! Kites really hate trees (or maybe it's the other way around) and need wide stretches of sky to fly in! Our kite farm will give burners a reason to come play out in the open and give them the freeing, if vicarious, feeling of flight through a kite. From afar, burners will enjoy seeing the colorful kites dive and dance while Kite Farm visitors play beneath in a field of spinning, fluttering ground-based wind-art. Those wanting a more hands-on experience, can come try their hand at kite taming and learn more about life in the sky.

We also believe this project fits beautifully with the Topsy-Turvy Laboratory theme for this year's Euphoria. We plan on flipping Euphoria's world upside-down and exploring how the 10 principles apply to the sky - everyone is allowed to fly, express yourself by making your kite dance in your own unique way, help our kite farm community by launching fallen or struggling kites, and participate by either directly flying or just relaxing in the space watching it all."

Requested Minimum: $425.71

Requested Maximum: $773.50

Final Funding: $637.33

Link to budget:

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