Art Fundraiser

What is it?

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is a online, community-driven art funding program for any and all groups or individuals that want to bring art to Euphoria. Have an idea that’s been sitting in the back of your head for a while?  Or maybe some fresh inspiration hit you recently and you’d like to make art, but it’s not necessarily doable with your current resources.  The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is for you!  This year, the Events Committee has allocated $5,000 to help artists make cool things!  

  • Final date to submit applications: March 24
  • Online Fundraiser: March 25–April 1
  • Fund distribution: On or around April 8

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is about more than simply providing money to artists for projects. One purpose of the event is to place the privilege and responsibility of allocating community funds in the hands of the community. Funding is not decided by a committee of select individuals. Instead, any Participant can help decide which project every dollar they spend is allocated to.

Another purpose of the event is to empower YOU to achieve your artistic vision through logistical support and, of course, funding. The Euphoria Art Fundraiser Team and the Euphoria Art Team work with you on tasks like making budgets and promoting yourself and your vision. We are here to help you with many of the logistical and administrative skills necessary to undertake an art project of any scale, should you need it!

We especially encourage art that’s theme-specific.  Euphoria 2017’s theme is The Fire Within. Go here to read more about it!  More details on exactly how the event and funding works can be found on the Euphoria Art Fundraiser FAQ.

What kind of projects are eligible?

Almost anything you can think of:

  • Paintings

  • Performance art

  • Art cars

  • Sculptures made of any material, including burnable ones*

  • Fire art *

  • Propane for already existing fire art*

  • Playful, interactive art

  • Culinary art

  • Art incorporating the creative use of lights and/or sound

  • Whatever crazy idea that you’re thinking of right now!

*Any fire art MUST be approved through Fire Safety.  Reach out to to discuss your plans!

Here is a short list of things that will not be funded through this process:

  • Ticket to the event.

  • Alcohol.

  • Projects in which little to no creation is involved.

  • Projects without a significant outward-facing component or projects that only allow a small portion of the community to experience them.

  • Anything that violates local, state, or federal law.

  • Anything deemed by the Euphoria Art Fundraiser Team to be unreasonably dangerous or reckless.

If you’re not sure whether or not something can be funded, then just ask us! We want to say “YES!” to as much as we can, and we’ll work with you the best we can to make your vision a reality.


Who should apply?

Anyone with a vision and the drive to achieve it! But please keep this in mind...

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser is specifically targeted for groups and individuals that have a vision, but lack the funding and support necessary to achieve it. The Euphoria Art Fundraiser exists to relieve the financial burden that would prevent you from making your art. If there are not serious financial barriers between you and the creation of your project, we request that you consider not participating in this process.

This also applies particularly to established theme camps, especially those that don’t collect any dues from their members or utilize other avenues for fundraising.  For example, consider a camp of 35 members. This camp has 35 different paychecks to pool money from. If each member contributed $30, then that’s a total of $1,050 for the camp to work with. Now consider a single person or a small group of 4 people trying to come up with $1,050. Those are very different scenarios!

We won’t attempt to judge anyone’s financial need. Instead, we are choosing to trust the community to self-select. We simply ask that you be mindful of what your needs and resources are and make that judgement yourself. Consider that if you could have funded your project another way, then you’ve taken money from another artist that may not have had other options.

The Euphoria Art Fundraiser team has lots of experience in funding projects through other means. If you decide not to get funding through the Art Fundraiser, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about securing funding through other ways, let us know! We’ll do whatever we can to help you out!

Here are the projects under consideration for funding for Euphoria 2017:

Hammock City!

Hammock City! was an amazing success for Euphoria & Alchemy 2016! I want to have around 40-50 hammocks this time, set-up in the woods with art and wind chimes and fabric to flow in the breeze. Hammock City! became a favorite chill space for so many people, a great oasis to escape all the noise and lights and just relax, draw, sing, paint, and make new friends. This time, I want there to be more hammocks, more art going on, more notebooks to write and draw in, more donated art, and more twinkly lights!

CampDama 2: The KENtastic adventure

CampDama started last year at Euphoria as a way to share something I'm passionate about with the community. Between Euphoria and Alchemy last year we taught and gave away over 100 kendamas. A Japanese wooden skill toy, an extreme ball in a cup if you will. It's been shown to improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, reflexes, and help ease anxiety. It's also fun and a bit addictive.

Big Connect 4

Giant connect 4

Diversity of Bamboo

I started working with bamboo to build bee hotels for a land trust for whom I work. Then with the excess bamboo I started to experiment with what else I could make: musical instruments, placards for signage, decoration, and noise makers, to name a few. My goal is to share this biodegradable, sustainable, renewable resource with the burn and show how we can all create these structures for our gardens while providing homes for bees. In addition to the small sculptures I will bring (app. 20-30) to place around the burn, I also would like to do a workshop on building hotels for bees. Each piece will have a tag attached to it (LNT) which encourages burners to take it home with them after a specified time/date.

The Scrying Mirror

Synopsis: A scrying mirror stands atop an old pedestal in a mossy clearing. Though it is moldered and neglected, enchanted stones on the sides may still be touched to wake embers of magic in the reflection. Wait a while, and you might catch a glimpse of some symbol of your fate.

Rainbow Sangria Bar

The Rainbow Sangria Bar will provide thirsty burners with a colorful spectrum of refreshing drinks that include healthy snacks. We will make many kinds of sangria full of delicious fruits (and maybe even vegetables!) to serve to thirsty burners as they wander across LBJ. If we get enough funding, we'll be able to offer Rainbow Sangria Bar reusable color change mugs full of red, white, or rainbow sangria. All of this will be served from a rainbow themed bar (possibly including a hint of yellow brick road).

Brownie Brothel

We tempt participants with delicious, sexy, SEXY baked goods. Come by and consume too many calories with us!

Smoothie Pony Express

Help me realize the Smoothie Pony Express, a bicycle-powered blender to serve up tasty frozen smoothies and promote awareness of The Sparkle Pony Express, the Georgia Burns’ bicycle courier service!

Infinite hole stripper pole

This will be a free standing spinning stripper pole with a infinite mirror floor with addressable LEDs creating an vortex for the dancers to dance above surrounded by a padded cuddle puddle type area Which will be supported by a torsion box ( plytech type slot and groove box) with infinite mirrors obscuring the support system

Suicide Booth

Synopsis: Encourage discussion and examination of suicide and its effects on our lives

The wandering smokestack

I want to have a backpack mounted double hookah with two heads/stems and 4 hoses on each one. as a minimum budget i would be willing to cut down on the price by dropping to a single hookah stem with 4 hoses still mounted in the same configuration.

Popup Pancake Photobooth

Hey butterface, you look delicious! Turn your face (or something else) into delicious edible art! The Popup Pancake Photo Booth will help you masticate your masterpieces by transforming photos into pancakes using the magic of robotics!

Letters from Home

We will have postcards for people to fill out and we will mail them. Then can send then to friends, family, or even themselves. We also have to different boxes, one to be mailed right away, and one to the "future" which we hold to be mailed in the future.


Incendia is a concept borne of the love, appreciation for, and possibilities that lay within the nature of a simple flame. Marrying the worlds of design, art, and science, a breathtaking environment has been created, thanks to the mathematical grace and precision of the geodesic concept coupled with the application of a proprietary fire-capturing technique.



PHC Guard Tower

"In any setting, reaching an objective is all about giving yourself a tactical advantage over an opponent or adversary. In battle that often means having control of a higher ground for an unexpected assault. In a setting where we all have the common goal of bringing more enjoyment to our community, the higher ground can be used to play music, project lights and serve as a raised platform for flame effects from previous art projects.

Reclamation shower trailer revamp

"A hot shower trailer that's water is reclaimed, filtered and treated with One-way mirror which will allow to see in or out (not both at the sametime)"

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